Friday, January 05, 2007

What!? Not a WORD yet about "Your the One that I Want" ???

How can that be?! What with EE and her obsession - that's right, I said it - OBSESSION with Grease?! I can not believe that there are not plans for parties and TiVo and call-in-your-vote conference call times set up and ready to go!??!?!?!???? You can not tell me you have not heard and are not waiting with baited breath to begin the search to cast Sandy and Danny!??!?!!? Come ON... weigh in, people?!????! LOL!?

Just in case you have not heard of this show... check it out at:

Also - I just have to say that over the holiday break, I discovered Gilmore Girls. I know - I am a bit behind... have you all watched this show before?! I heard about it from a few people - but we did not have cable and just never really gave it much thought!? Then, in the Fall we started getting a new channel - the CW - which carries the Gilmore Girls. So - I would catch a show here or there if I could remember when it was on... I am faithful to few shows really... anyway - then over the 2 week vacation, we found on abc Family they were playing reruns/syndicated shows - so they are older seasons and my daughter and I watched it together! We rented the first Season and have watched half of it so far... Someone told me that Rory sort of wigs out and makes some poor choices towards the end of Season Two or beginning of Season Three... I have already told Kayelyn that we will not watch more than Season One - at least for awhile! Right now (in Season One) Rory is a GREAT example... super smart, great kid, respectful, kind, etc. etc. etc.! I really don't want to have that influence go bad?! At any rate - if you have not yet experienced the wonder and fast-paced wit and banter of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore - well, then - you are missing out!

Check out their website at:

(...and for those who watch and say, "Oh - if only that was real... if only mothers and daughters could get along like that..." let me introduce you to a living breathing life example of Rory and Lorelai... the one and only, Karianna (Rory) and Karinna (Lorelai) Ball. Truly - they are something to behold... built-in entertainment... they have the same banter and close relationship - even through those trying teenage years. Plus - the bonus - they actually have a moral compass that revolves around their relationship with the Lord (the one thing that the Gilmore Girls are missing!)

Obviously - I have not much to share... I am still in the midst of boxes... the cleaning up and putting away stage of Christmas is ALWAYS my least favorite part... it seems to always hit me around the halfway put away stage that I do this whole decorating deal on my own!? Which - in reality - I like it that way... but after COUNTLESS trips up and down the stairs to put away boxes in storage and carry up 'normal' decor and a bit of Valentine's Day stuff... well - I needed a distraction - and the Blog update won out over the laundry and dishes!? Go figure?!

Anyway - hope you have had a great week getting back into the routine of regular life! I have not even printed out my Christmas photo's - I have to have something to work on in a few weeks - so I know myself well enough to know that I need to NOT print them so soon!?

Scrap On!


anxiously awaiting said...

I have heard all about this show, I already have my TiVo season pass for it too, so I won't miss anything, LOL! Gilmore girls I have never seen, trying not to get sucked in to too many new shows this year. just for you...

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Sandy said...

Oh my gosh-did you see it?!?! Perhaps I will devote an update to it tommorow. I will have to re-watch & take notes, lol.

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

OK - first of all - I can't believe that Darcie is the ONLY one to post here?! Come on ladies?! LOL?! Where are you!?

Secondly - Darcie... "You are... (so)NOT Sandy" LOL!?

Rizzo??! ...Oh yeah!
Sandy!? No.... um - that is ME!? LOL?! I am the sweet and innocent one! (well - not as innocent as Donna R.! But close!?!?!) LOL!?

Yes - I watched it... much to Dave's dismay! and I loved every minute of it!

Grease is the Word...

Rizz said...

Sandy-you!?! Not buying it, LOL! are you gonna update soon or what?

Rizzo said...

Stockard Channing
~There are Worse Things I Could Do

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than go with a boy or two
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that's the worse thing I could do.

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

OK... now that you have watched it again... tell me what you think!? Comment... post your own... but DO SHARE Darc'!!! LOL!?


Kori P. said...

Ok, who knew that I could locate your blog just by clicking on your name when you post on mine! This whole blog thing is so confusing to me. Thus the reason I'm only able to post twice a week! Ha!

I love Gilmore Girls. I don't watch it to often but when I do I thoroughly enjoy it. Definitely a fan of the older seasons though.

Haven't seen Grease yet but Darcie keeps telling me she has it tivo'd and I can just come over and watch it. I did suggest having "Grease Night Parties"

Glad to have found your blog! Be talking(I mean posting)soon!