Thursday, February 08, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Yes - it is true... it has been a busy week!
I cant' even remember what all I have been doing
(instead of this?) but it's been good!
I am really enjoying the Beth Moore Study on Daniel
& for some reason it doesn't seem as time consuming as
some of her other studies have been!
Which means I did read a book one day last week
(Karen Kingsbury - Found)
I highly recommend it!
I actually highly recommend just about anything written by her!

I had a lunch date with a friend twice within this past week
& I took a day or two to just relax and rest...
fighting off some kind of yuckyness!
We are much better now...
although Kaye still sounds horrid when she coughs
but it's going away!
I also got a nice little Stampin' Up! box full of goodies too,
so I had lots of stamps to assemble too!
Too fun!
So, with new stamps,
I have been playing around with more cards...

One of our Pastors recently had their first child... I don't know them very well but I did want to send them a little card & let them know that we are praying for them!

Plus, I am working on a few Valentine's for Kaye to hand out to a few friends... they like bookmarks so these are my unfinished cards... but, at least you can see what I am working on!

So... crazy me... I was pretty sad that my little one is now big enough to not get an official Valentine's Day party... so I suggested (innocently enough!) that she invite a few friends over next week before Valentine's Day... maybe we could do a little craft they could keep or give as a gift... well... yeah?! It started out innocent enough! I was thinking a simple hand-made tag & buying a few jars to fill with candy... so they would make a tag & a matching card...

But then... I found these little gems...

Little Red Purses... 6 of them (& 1 black one for me!)
They are actually Photo Albums that hold 4x6 photo's...
so - what was going to cost me about $20 is now running around $60!?
Yeah... oops?!
But they are going to be super cute!!!
I bought paper & fun stuff to scrap either blank pages that they can give as a gift or add their own photo's later... or they can scrap the pages & WRITE stuff where the photo's would go...
Brilliant I tell ya!
Of course, that means that I am going to have to plan it all out & precut everything too!
They will only have a few hours afterschool to complete it...
Sigh... too fun!
AND... I STILL have to buy the food for the 'party'!
Of course, now that I am at a running tab of $60...
I am guessing they will be having Little Debbies' and a Juice Boxes!
LOL! I know... (not that there's anything wrong with that!)
but - you know me... that is not gonna happen!?
And THEN... I got an e-mail last week from a potential new client
who had been referred to me...
Not only did I get the job, she has at least two other projects in mind,
AND she is great... and I can see that God has bigger plans than simple scrapbooks!
So today, I got this wonderful box of fun...

A box of Guatemala... all her photo's and memorabilia... I have to go now and play, I mean work!

So... just a reminder - no one has won yet... !?!? Anyone remember the Love Letter layout/card contest!? Yeah... well - still no winner?!

Blessings! Scrap On! Oh - yeah - and I have Bunko tonight... if there is a God... LOL!?

OK - OK... I know there is a God... I just pray He helps me WIN something already?!


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Darcie said...

Well, well, well, look who has re-surfaced, LOL?!?! Glad to hear you guys are feeling better, I have a cruddy cold now, but I'm fighting it hard, lol. The doc gave me some narcotic cough syrup/sleep aid, so I'm a happy girl (when I'm awake, lol).

How did Kaye's interview go? Sounded really cool! Glad to hear about the new client too, I have been prayin' for the whole thing. :O)

Where-o-where did you find those adorable little purse albums?! Love them!! The girls will love the v-day cards too, nice bright, fun colors.

Ok, I am off to help Emma make a diorama for school, chat soon!