Friday, February 09, 2007

I WON... (Most Losses!?) LOL!

Hey there...

Well - there IS a God!!! LOL! I knew there was...
but He showed up for me last night at Bunko!
By Game 3 in the first Round I was starting to wonder...
but as time went on, it was clear that I was on a streak...
a LOSING streak - but still?!
Out of 24 Games, I lost 18!
Yeah, baby!
That gets a PRIZE!!!
And what did I win, you ask? This lovely little table!!!


I also finished up those 'unfinished' cards... ...just a few but still - nice to be done!
I went through that fun little box of Guatemala,
& now this afternoon I am off to make my own Purse album!
Oh yeah - I forgot the best part about those little gems!
I found them at the DOLLAR STORE!!! Oh yeah!!!
I bought all the ones that they had left!!! Too cool!
I will post some pix of my finished album!

Tomorrow morning,
my daughter & I are going to a Spring Fashion Show...
it's at church & is a fund raiser for our Servant's Heart ministry.
We have all the local Boutiques participating & the White House Cafe is catering,
& my precious friend is sharing as well...
I guess it will be set up like we are watching an Oprah Show!
Kaye is VERY excited!!! Sounds like a blast!!!

Anyway - I am off to trim & measure... Scrap On!

(Isn't it scrap night?! I'll be thinking of ya as I crop & glue all on my own!!!)



Corinna said...

Very pretty, congrats! Cute creations.

Darcie said...

Cute table!! Glad you finally won something-even if it is most losses, LOL! I get to go play bunko tonight, maybe I'll finally play well & get a prize too?!