Thursday, February 22, 2007

Baby growing up!

So... yes - it is true...

my Baby is growing up!

It's not like it is a shock...

of course we have seen it coming

& have loved watching her grow...

this past week has made me

stop & remember back

to those early months

of newborn bliss...

where it seemed every time

you looked at them

- they changed a little bit!? Sigh...

Don't get me wrong...

as much as I adored those days

- I would not want to go back there again...

As much as that baby laugh, silly smile,

& cuddled, wrapped, warm

sleeping baby in my arms

stirs up wonderful memories...

I also remember the 4a.m. feedings,

countless diapers, fighting naps,

& all the paraphernalia that

comes along with toddlers!

But this past week has sort of

magnified some changes lately

and some that are just ahead...

Valentine's Day...

My Little One got three roses

& a box of chocolates

from BOYS?!

(Not her Daddy...

but real live BOYS?!)


I am not so sure about this?!

My girl is not Boy Crazy...

she has had a very limited number

of crushes in her short life so far.

But, to see her confidence & joy

in the mere attention and admiration

from the opposite sex

has been both fun & frightening!

She walks a little taller this week,

she seems happier & a bit more confused...

she has this glow about her...

You see, she is not so sure about this boy...

he is nice & she is considering liking him...

But - I think that she may like the fact

that someone likes her

more than she likes the one who likes her himself.

Of course - we all know & remember,

if someone is nice to us & shares their feelings,

it can make them more attractive!

So - it's been fun to watch...

& I am blessed that she still does

tell me all about her days...

including her thoughts and feelings

about this boy.

We've had the talks & knows

that not only is she not allowed,

but she herself knows that

she is too young to have a 'boyfriend'

whether that is in name only,

or it includes phone calls

& seeing each other outside of school!

However, it doesn't mean she won't

- at least once in awhile -

want it!?

A few days after Valentine's Day,

there was a moodiness & hormonal shift

in the universe of our home

that was intense & - well - edgy.

Now we know...

Changes are happening

and it's a new season in our home...

Bring on the Vitamin B people...

You know what I am saying!!!

So... we have had plenty of

Mother/Daughter talks this week...

talks about grown up stuff,

as well as cuddling moments that cause me

to catch a scent of baby powder

& shampooed hair!

Aahhh - God is good!

My daughter & I,

our goal is to have a Christian version

of the relationship that

Lorelai & Rory Gilmore share!

I have done little Scrapping...

I have a new job but am awaiting the

Journaling before I can

actually dig into it!

I have worked on a few pages

for this client,

& I am looking ahead a bit

& working on some Easter card sets

for a local auction coming up in March!

My Scrap Happy group was good last week

...a total of 6 of us there...

but it was fun and everyone

accomplished at least one page?!

I am looking into organizing childcare

for that night through the church

so that will probably open up to

more regulars!

Today - I am called to pray...

our churches' Women's retreat

begins today through Saturday

and as much as I really wanted to go,

God told me to stay behind and pray.

So - after arguing with Him about that for awhile,

I submitted & obeyed

& am of to cover this weekend in prayer!

Scrap On!



darcie said...

roses from boys?!?! Oh no....LOL

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Exactly?!?! AND... at the school social yesterday - the boy just boldly comes up and shakes my hand and introduces himself to me?! ??? What?! and he was wearing a "Boise Idaho" shirt... so - well - who can even KNOW what that means?! LOL!?

darcie said...

hey-you gonna update soon!?