Tuesday, June 26, 2007

...and then there is the collective Sigh of Relief...

Yes... the Wedding is over!!!

... it was magical, breathtaking, gorgeous, perfect... I mean there is no question that this marriage is blessed by God... from the very (short term)beginning of planning the wedding - God has blessed this Bride and given her the desires of her heart and the culmination of the all last minute hectic detail work that needed to be done manifested in a Fairytale Wedding that you would have thought had been in the planning stages for at least a year...

...simply blessed!

Of course, if you all went to their website (http://www.Kariandon.com) then you already know their love story... what that doesn't necessarily share is that they had fallen in love so fast, and so deep - and yet Karianna knew that they were not ready for marriage... being a Christian - she wanted to do things God's way - and she knew that if they stayed together, it was only a matter of time before they either married, or went against God... so - while it broke her heart, and his - they broke up... it was a long and painful separation. However, their friendship continued to grow... they spoke nearly every week and in the process, both grew and matured. All the while, of course, Brandon's intent was to win her back... little did he know, he never lost her!

From the wedding date having to wait until they knew his Leave time, and then finding it out and securing the one place that Karianna has ALWAYS wanted to get married (the Wedding Fountain at Pioneer Park)... to finding a gorgeous dress at David's Bridal - on clearance, for only $99 and having it fit her like a glove - no alterations needed... everything just fell into place for them.

Of course - we won't go into the details of that final week and my travels there and home, and back again to make sure that all our lists got checked off... but all of it was worth it!

The only complaint or regret is that I was one of three photographers that they had taking pictures, and somehow - a good portion of the guests brought camera's too - so I had a hard time getting the shots I wanted, with everyone looking at me, (the photographer) and not getting in front of me when I was trying to take pictures... now, in the digital camera age, apparently everyone brings camera's and stands in the aisles and walks around and takes pictures all on their own!? With the three photographers present, we should have made it clear somehow to everyone who the photographers were... mostly because the newlyweds didn't want to be taking pictures the whole time and end up missing their own reception - and we had already preplanned the shots that they wanted! Even with that, I came home with over 300 photo's... and many are gorgeous!!! Of course, the newlyweds will have to pick about a 100 or 120 for me to make an album for them - and I know that the other photographers had to have got shots that I didn't get... they'll have a hard time picking out their favorites out of so many choices!!!

Anyway - I DID do one 2-page layout a couple of days before the wedding - at my Scrapbook group... and I have several more photo's to scrap... I will get back to that this week and then within the next week or two, I may have the Italy photo's to play with... not to mention all these breathtaking Wedding photo's! I will just show a few... I can't wait to play with them!!!

Scrap On!


darcie said...

Ahhhh, what an adorable couple!!! I bet Jack cried like a baby, lol. :o)
Love the pictures, and the location looks perfect for them-beautiful. Looks like Gene officiated? He looks great, we sure miss them.

Oh yeah, I sent a little b-day gift home with the Parsleys-did Kaye get it yet?

Good to see ya here again, chat soon!

na said...

Those pictures are simply beautiful...sounds like a wonderful couple.