Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A few more cards to tide me over...

Oh yeah - it's true - I got myself on some sort of Card kick... actually, what started it was a challenge from SketchThis:Cards! It is a three week challenge featuring a new Sketch to copy each week... it's been fun and I have one more sketch to work on this week! I love that they are cards because who doesn't need a few cards on hand!? Too fun!

So - here are last week's cards:

I am actually getting ready to order all those Italy papers... we are going with the Basic Grey Stella Ruby line and I am so excited about it!!! So - within the next couple of days - I will place my order and begin the background work (the journaling and organizing per page stuff... etc.) I also need to order our custom printed album! I will share what the final result is with that! I love the idea... so I am really hoping and praying that it will work out as good as I envision it!?

Also - I just got another job doing a Family Vacation to Disneyland, Universal, Sea World, and a wildlife safari place (?) - I suppose I should know where that really was!? Anyway - I have the photo's already and will be able to shop for specialty papers in a couple of weeks!!! I have never really looked at the Disney papers because we never went to Disneyland and - well, we are just not cartoony people... but I am so excited to use at least SOME of their specialty papers in the album!!! We bought a great red album and I am planning on adding some mouse ears to the cover... too fun!

So - two paid jobs at once... praise God! (Plus my Karianna's wedding album one day soon! - which is a gift, not a job - but will be FUN nonetheless!!!?)

I have my Scrap group tomorrow night, and we have our sister in town from Tenn for a week... her hubby couldn't come - but she has her two youngest ones with her... the youngest is about 16 or 17 months and we have not yet met him!!? So - we will be busy with family and getting to know the kids again...

I am also in the midst of planning our main summer vacation... yeah - I know?! It's a little late... we just sort of kept everything up in the air for some reason... we have decided to go to Port Angeles and see the Olympic Nat'l Forest... visit the beaches there and the rain forest... can't wait! The scary part is trying to find a place to stay... (I am not so much a camper... so I am looking for a hotel or BnB or something...) There are only so many 'chain' hotels - and those are a bit out of our price range for 4 people... so - I am searching the net trying to get info on a couple of locally owned places that are open/for rent!?

Kaye and I are almost done with Atherton and I can tell already that it will be a cliff hanger and I can't know when the next book will be out... at least we still have the interactive CD to listen to when we are done with the book!? I also bought "Closer - a book for mothers and daughters" that we are going to read about 4 of Susie Shellenberger's teen girl Bible study books... Oh - and Hairspray opens on Friday... seems like we will have to see that... who doesn't love a musical!? I mean, come ON!??!?!!?

Until next time!
Scrap On!



darcie said...

I was beginning to wonder where you were, apparently you've bben B-U-S-Y!

Have fun visiting with the family, and I hope the vacation plans work out-if not you are always welcome here! :o)

Lizbeth said...

Well said.