Sunday, July 08, 2007

Instant Gratification

Oh yeah... It's true! One of the many reasons why I LOVE making Cards is they are just like mini- layouts and yet - you have almost instant gratification! PLUS - who doesn't love getting a letter or card in the mail... yeah - the actual SNAIL MAIL way... old fashioned, I know?! But still - it seems to happen so seldom! Sure - I LOVE my e-mail... and I do use it more than any other form of communication... but to take the time to sit down, and write something out... and then WAIT... I'm not even talking about birthday cards or Christmas cards... I am talking about those Just Because (as Brian Regan would put it "Blank Inside...{...I feel that way sometimes, too!} cards") The ones that are little blessings full of words of encouragement and love! Aaaah yes... so - ya know - if you can't GET them, I say MAKE them! LOL! So - since I am having to P-A-I-N-F-U-L-L-Y wait to do any scrapping with the Italy pictures (as I am needing to special order the papers, etc?!) I decided to make a few cards!

So... here are some cards that I made last week...

Scrap On!

1 comment:

Corinna said...

Kerri, you amaze me at how fast you whip stuff out!...
These cards are gorgeous!
You totally rOck my dear.