Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bourne Ultimatum, Shingles, & an Epidural

Yeah...that's right... those are the top three things on my mind today...

So - last weekend, Dave and I went out with Greg and Robbin to see The Bourne Ultimatum... we are fans of the Bourne series and have enjoyed all three movies... this last one was great - highly recommend it... lots more action and not as much (or should I say not 'enough') love story - but really a great flick! It was funny - we ended up sitting next to two of our pastors... Robbin said she would behave in rating the previews because of that... but there was someone in some movie coming out that she couldn't help but state, "Oh!?!! I like him!" to which we giggled like little girls?! Good times... good times! All in all, it was a great night out... even though it was a movie and so there was not any real eye contact/good conversation going on...

Next up - Shingles... OK - well - I thought that this was something that happened to old people?! I mean, honestly - I had never heard of anyone getting them under the age of, say, 70!? Then a couple of years ago, my Mom got them... I thought she was rather young to get them... well - guess what?! Yeah - you guessed it... I was in so much pain and finally decided that I did not in fact have an allergic rash... but possibly a poisonous spider bite or something and this pushed me to go to a doctor?! Me?! Now - it's not so much that I am anti-doctor or anything... it's just that we don't go... a few different things come in to this decision...but that is just how it is! So - we were lucky enough to be able to get an appt with a doctor yesterday to look at my 'bites'... he took one glance and said, "Oh yeah... you have shingles?!" Great?! So - what I didn't know about Shingles - in addition to the fact that it's not just something the elderly can get - is that they are excruciatingly painful... The Dr. prescribed an antiviral med that is suppose to help it get out of my system faster than 'normal'. No pain meds... no topical creams... just the antiviral stuff?!

At the time - I thought the stinging was painful, but I have a fairly high tolerance for pain and didn't think to ask for anything else... today - however, well - I can say honestly that I would rather be in the midst of childbirth!? And that is saying something because I only had one on purpose!? I told Dave last night that at least my labor only lasted 5 hour and it didn't hurt thsi bad... AND someone at least OFFERED an epidural and various other drugs - to which I insanely said no to at the time - but today?! Today I would say YES!... PLUS - with labor - at least at the end, you have a baby!? With this, when it is over - I get nothing!? Well.. nothing but SWEET RELIEF!?!?!?

So - I am off to take as many Advil at one time as possible without o/d'ing... and maybe I can get a little sleep!? It sure doesn't seem like it though!? Oh yeah - and I did get a box of goodies to work on teh Italy album... I finally have the stuff - and I can't even pretend to try to feel creative today!? And tomorrow isn't looking so good either?! Crap!? Where is my source when I need her?! I believe, many many times in the past, a special someonEE has offered to Hook Me Up...?! LOL!? Heck - today - I would take you up on it?! (Maybe?!)

Scrap On!


na said...

You poor thing! My mother (age 76!) just got over shingles...brought on by nerves, no less. She had them all on her back and side and was in a lot of pain. Luckily, they were gone after a couple of weeks. Hope they get out of your system fast old lady! :)

EE said...

When I got your email I felt so bad, my father in law had them a couple years ago. He got the stuff you did & some pain meds. He has a pretty high pain tolerance too, you may want to call the doc back & get something that you can take at night to help you rest well at least.

And yeah, I totally woulda hooked you up, LOL!!