Friday, August 03, 2007

Yeah - I'm now starting the Summer Countdown for School!!!

It's been about two weeks - and I have created nothing... not one thing!?

I ordered all my papers for my latest Design job but they will not show up until Monday or Tuesday - so I am busy playing around with the Journaling... and trying to wait (patiently?!) for my box of goodies to arrive so I can get started!!!

I visited my sister and newlywed niece earlier this week... I was hoping to go over ideas for her scrapbook (Wedding Gift) and see the photo's she chose - but that didn't happen... I don't think that she has decided yet on the photo's yet and I am not sure how many she has picked out so far... it is a gift and I am sure that it will be a full album - but I'm hoping that it will not be TOO full... The Disneyland Album is also temporarily on hold right now too! Hopefully just for a couple of months?! This way however, I think I will be able to start and complete one at a time with focus and it will work best in the end! Aaah - those Tuscany photo's are calling my name!!!?

However, it's not like I have nothing to do... I have nothing to SCRAP - but I have plenty to do!? I have housework - which never sounds like fun... I have laundry like crazy... I have books piled up again awaiting my attention... I have (finally) planned our vacation to Port Angeles and so I need to hurry up and wait for that long weekend to get here already... I have a Stampin' Up party here in a couple of weeks, and my Scrap Happy group meeting as well... I have a school sports physical I need to get my daughter before school starts, and of course, there is the Back To School frenzy of activity that simply must occur!?! I keep fantasizing that we can skip it all... but alas... it has begun here?!

After our visit with my family, (and working on my website with my webmaster Jack - It needed a bit of updating, and creating one with Jack for my hubby at daughter and I stopped in to do some Back To School clothes shopping on our way back home at Columbia Center! We love this Mall and have been going here for school shopping for the past several years... we always find way too many things and so many of the stores were having GREAT sales... I am talking almost Yard Sale prices... boxes of things for $5.99, $4.99, $2.99, and $1.99... of course - my daughter couldn't really make her self 'dig' to find anything?! I tried to find things for her... but it didn't matter WHAT I pulled out of the box, she didn't like it?! I silently wondered if it was on a hanger and not on sale for $1.99 if she would love it?! Sigh... okay - well apparently this store that USED to house all of her favorite clothes - well they don't so much anymore?! Apparently the biggest issue is that for the past couple of years, she has loved all the hip clothes - but this year - what is 'hip' is not so much what she likes and that makes it a bit more tricky to shop!? About 2+ hours into the Mall wandering, she said that she really likes the clothes at Fred Meyers and Shopko... !?!?!?! Um... OK!? We HAVE those in our own town and the prices there are more reasonable by far?!!? (well - except for that darn $1.99 box!?) So - we ended up meeting a friend in the food court - where we spent a whopping $8 on lunch and left the Mall bagless...

We did however get to go shopping a bit yesterday (in our own town?!) and praise the Lord - she found SEVERAL items that she needed and loved... so - we are well on our way to having that new school wardrobe! Whew?! It was not looking so good on Wednesday!? The most troubling part of that was the fact that we ALWAYS enjoy shopping together and have a great time... now I know that we may be soon approaching the phase of wanting to shop with friends more than Mom... I get that... I remember that... and even though I am WAY cooler than my Mom ever was... (LOL!? Shut up!? I AM!!!?!!!) I will give her that in small outings. Of course - I am much more aware of styles and a bit more strict in what I deem appropriate than my parents were too... but - I have to say - yesterday we had a BLAST... we were laughing and giggling and oohing and aahing over the cuteness of this outfit or that top... I had to let out a quiet sigh of relief... PLUS - for under $125 she got 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of Bermuda shorts, 2 sweatshirts, 2 cami's for layering, 2 tank tops, 2 tops, 1 pair of capri sweats, a pair of flip flops, and some undies too!!!! Yeah!!! So - we still have those dreaded Bra's to buy as well as some other shoes and maybe a few more tops, an actual WARM sweatshirt, and a skirt or two (because I can still dream, can't I?). That of course doesn't even mention the actual SCHOOL supplies?!

So - last night I went to Bunko... and won a cute little Lemonade set from Linens-n-things! Kaye had Marissa and Holly both spend the night and they were featured on the hide-a-bed playing old school Super Nintendo into the wee hours of the morning and giggling to no end... now the girls are gone and we are getting ready to go spend the afternoon with Stephanie - Kaye's cousin from Nashville, TN! Tonight, Dave and I are going out on a date with our friends Greg and Robbin... we are way overdue and so in need of it! Between work, Dave's night jobs recently, traveling out of town with Kaye, and sleep overs, I don't think I have actually TALKED with my husband for about three weeks?! I mean - sure - a little... and not ALL talk... but eye contact with a real conversation sounds great!!!

I will create something soon... maybe something digi of my own... we'll see!? Once again, bucket inspires me to create in digiland...

Hope you are all enjoying the summer and finding comfort in knowing that it is soon coming to an end! LOL! (Only 24 days left here!!?!?!) Woot!

Scrap on!

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na said...

As much as I can hardly wait for the kids to be back at school...I can't believe that it has gone by rather quickly this year. We have all our supplies ready to go and I'm glad for that...but the thought of homework and assignments and volunteering and all of that is not yet sounding appealing...ugh.