Monday, August 20, 2007

Finally... I am better!!!

OH My Goodness?!!?!?!!

I had NO IDEA how painful Shingles were... I simply had no idea!? Anyway - I am so pleased and happy to report that I have been Advil free since Friday afternoon and I have had no new breakouts and very little pain! This, I know, is a quick recovery! I talked to and showed a few people who had had them and they said that it seemed I had a severe case... but in one short week they are healing up and (for the most part) pain free now! Whew!? What the heck was THAT all about?! I never did get any pain meds... I found some of Dave's Darvocet (from his broken hand last summer) and took a few of those but they never really kicked in so I KNEW that they were working much - plus they made me LESS sleepy - not more sleepy!? What the heck!? Sort of felt ripped off on that front - but I am just giving praise that I am not needing anything now! We leave for vacation on Wednesday - and that was my biggest prayer - that I would be better and feel healthy enough to really enjoy our trip!

Last week - (yeah - in the midst of it all - I know?! I am crazy) I hosted a Stampin' Up! Party! LOL!? I can't remember the last time I hosted one of those!? I think EE lead one for me once - but we mostly due the catalog party... anyway - I had about 8 people come and we had a BLAST! (Oh - Darcie - Susan said Hello - and Sharon said she still has someone elses' cookbook?!) Anyway - we made a super cute card... we used the new Spiral Punch (Featured in CK last month I think) and I finally got to play with the Watercolor Wonder Crayons! TOO FUN!!! Anyway - I am closing my party today or tomorrow and then I get to figure out my own order... I am definitely getting that Punch... and maybe a few others?! I don't really HAVE any punches... I know you all are shocked?! I am one of the few scrappers who actually don't have MUCH in regards to supplies or the latest and greatest... not that punches are anything new... but I am cheap and they usually are not!? Anyway - that was fun!

As I got to feel better, I worked on designing a Custom Scrapbook Album... this is the COOLEST thing... there is a great company that now prints custom albums... you design the front (and spine, and back) cover... how fun is that?! So - I worked on a custom album for my Italy client... I will have to let you all know how it turns out in real life - but this here are the layouts to be used... On Thursday night, I had my scrapbook link at church and was able to not only work on some actual pages, but I broke out my new toy... yes ladies - I have found a new adhesive! I know, I know... I too will miss the blue ZIG glue pen... (shut up!?)... ya'll know I will still have a stash of pens... 'just in case'... but I caved in to the trend and bought my own ATG... and I LOVE IT! I just have to learn that I can not be OCD about my ATG... If I use it 'correctly' - the cost per foot is like $0.02 or something crazy like that?! Plus - Who doesnt love holding a gun!? tee hee!?! So - here are a few samples of my lo's... I can't post all of them as they are not my own and I don't want you all to see the pages before the client! But - we chose to work with the BG Stella Ruby line - so FUN and rich and yummy!

Here is a Digi LO I did featuring My Honey...
I am also working on a Digi LO of my DD as well... I will post it when I am done - just downloaded a super cool Rockin' font with skulls... yeah - too fun... anyway - here is the picture I am using on the layout... (OK - as you can see... I finished it today:)

So - this week... well - today I am totalling up my SU! Party stuff... and shopping through the catalog! Yay! Kaye spent the night with one of her best friends... possibly the last sleep over of the summer since we are leaving on Wednesday! Tomorrow I have my Prayer meeting to go to (which I have missed - literally and figuratively - the past two weeks or so!?) and then I need to take Kayelyn school supply shopping... I can not BELIEVE how stinkin' big her list is!? Gone are the new box of Crayons... in their place is a required USB Flash drive!? Are you kidding me?! How can one be completely done school supply shopping without a box of crayola crayons?! I mean - without that new crayon smell - it just doesn't seem like back to school!? Am I right?! Anyway - then Wednesday comes VACATION!!!! We have NEVER waited until the end of summer to take our main vacation and we will never again wait?! LOL!? It has taken forever and it made the summer seem rather long and somewhat boring?! Add to that, the fact that none of Kaye's friends' could come along with us this year and I can't imagine how fun this trip will be?! I just hope and pray that she has a good time - even though she will be stuck with just us!

So - that is all from here...
Scrap On!

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Corinna said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Woohoo... on the new adhesive.

And LOVE the Digi-poke-mon layouts!

You are on Fire Girl!