Monday, October 29, 2007

Aaahhh... Italy!!! Don't ya want to go!??!

OK... I finally remembered to ask for permission from my client to post some of her layouts from her Italy album! Yay! (...and of course, she said yes!!!)
So... just to make you want to go to Italy almost as much as me... here ya go:

There are more pages, of course - but you get the idea!
Aaaahhhh... Italy!
One day, my friend! One day!!!



Corinna said...

Wow Karri... this is beautiful! Great job!!

darcie said...

Beautiful work on this one Karri!! I bet she was very blessed when she saw it & was able to re-live her special trip in pictures. :o)

chuck said...

Ummmm, don't you have an update about your coolest friend coming to town for a visit?