Monday, November 05, 2007

Fall Food Layouts...

OK, ok... yes Chuck - I WILL update soon...
my 'coolest friend' did in fact
come to town last weekend
& once again nearly caused me
to pee my pants laughing!?
Aaah - good times... good times!

But - for now, I will just post these
digi lo's featuring some of the food
I made for Bunko last week!
I will give a 'real' update soon
- with words and everything...
(but Chuck has all the photo's... )
Crap!? WHEN will I learn, people?!

Anyway - because I was just
playing around this morning
(because I am all caught up!?)
and because we have
1/2 days ALL WEEK long...???
it is already time for me
to go get my kid
- this is all ya get for now!

Scrap Happy!

1 comment:

your coolest friend said...

Mmmmm, looks delicious-I heard many ave reviews for your bunko food. Maybe you can post some recipies here...since you're all caught up & everything lol.

OMG, that was one of the best apples to apples games EVER! The winner is...the local police! LOL!! My stomach actually hurt all the next day from laughing so much-thanks, I needed that. :o)

It was great to get to see everyone again (well, except the family visits, lol). Miss you already & hope you can make it this spring! Pictures will be in the email soon, I have almost all of them uploaded already! :o)