Sunday, May 03, 2009

How did YOU celebrate National Scrapbook Day?

Wow - how did I let so much time go by without an update - and how did you all not leave me smack for it?! LOL!? I read Frenchies last comment and it was like a "Thanks! I needed that!" slap in the face - in the most friendly way possible - of course!

I have not forgotten about you all... I have been super busy with life and business - and yet have somehow managed to not really Create much lately!? Last Sunday I was in my first ever 5K... I can't tell you how amazing this is to me... I would have NEVER thought I would even WANT to do something like this?! I did not run the whole time - maybe a little less than half really - but I set a personal goal for myself and crossed the finish line (running!) and made my goal time... so I was a happy happy girl! I have also recently purchased a Heart Rate Monitor... so I am hoping this little gem of a watch will help me to FINALLY overcome this plateau I hve been stuck at for I think over a month again!? Yikes?!
So - here is me with my sis before the race! Fun... we will definitely participate in more to come... and I was a little surprised to find I have hidden within me a tad little bit of a competitive spirit?! Who knew?! (Shut up Darcie?! LOL!?) I am now planning on actually training a bit to increase my running times... I usually don't run for much longer than a few minutes at a time... but I pushed myself past that in the race - and so now I know I CAN!

Anyway - between fitness stuff, and Bible studies, preparing for a writers conference in a couple pf weeks, Spring finally showing up - and this new opportunity with an online photo company... I have been going in all different directions! I did sign my contract with this company but I have not yet begun working... once I do - I will let you know where you can find my designs, I promise! I have had fun creating some birthday designs lately and playing with my PSE software! (Thanks again, Vi! You ROCK!)

I DID get my newest clients' Wedding photo's - stacks and stacks of them! So - while I didn't do any Layouts yesterday - I did celebrate Nat'l Scrapbook Day by sorting through photo's and gettign an idea of what needs to be ordered for her album, and I made some birthday and Mother's Day cards as well... I will upload some photo's soon! I have a few photo's I can print out to scrap old school... but I haven't gotten around to that yet - so you will be happy to know that I am not 'all caught up' technically... you know once I print them though - I will be! I am just waiting until I have more than 4 pages to do! LOL!

Anyway how did YOU celebrate NSD? Did you do anything special? Did you hit any sales - online or in person? Did you get together with friends and scrapbook? Let me know what fun was had by you and your friends!!!

I am hoping to get my photo's printed and some actual scrappin' done soon! Once I pick a line of paper and supplies - I will order for my client and will want to really get my own stuff caught up again before I work on her stuff... so I will have something new soon(ish!) to upload soon! Of course, I have my daughters' b'day next week, a new bible study starting up in a week, a trip to CA coming in two weeks (which will hopefully stir me up to write), my neices' graduation coming up, our trip to DC/PA at the end of June which includes my Scrapbook Retreat with fellow Sparkers... I can't WAIT! But - once I get something CREATED... I will upload, I promise!!!

Until then...
Scrap Happy, people! Life is good!


Michele said...

Hey girl....about time you updated here! lol And what's this I read...there is competitive spirit in you after many times did you say you are NOT competitive at all....don't say never! lol

As for what I did for NSD...I participated in a speed scrap (check out my blog for the page)...SOOOOOO cool and fun and stressful! lol I will definitely do again in a heartbeat. Afterwards I stuck on the same chatboard and did a "truth or dare" session...yes HS I was laughing hard...maybe we should do that one time on our chat! lol That would seriously be funny!!! I tried to gather as many freebies as possible! lol :-)

Denice aka Dedelicious said...

Yeah, you updated!

I didn't do much for NSD, except hear smack from my family that it was NSD and "is there really a NSD or did you make it up?"

Can't wait to see some of your new projects, cause everything you do has a special touch...a little sparkle to it!

Tracy said...

What did I do on NSD? Why, I bought some paper!

(no, seriously, I did!)

Pam said...

Great to read your post!! Hmmm- what did I do on NSD??? Since my mom was still here we hit two scrapbook stores and SHE bought a bunch of stuff... I got some free paper and a set of clear stamps- a small set that I know I'll use soon! I even made a gift bag and an altered frame later in the day, too- to give to a couple we know who had their first baby that day! WooHoo for NSD!!! Glad you enjoyed your day, too!

darcie said...

LOL! look, I am finally checking i & what do I tellin' me toshut up! :op It's funny, since I did immediately think "a tad competiive"?!? I have played spoons with you, remember!? :o)