Friday, May 08, 2009

I actually did something...

I did actually do something scrap-related... sort of!? Well - it counts, but it's mostly thanks to a SparkPeople Cricuteers Spring Shapes SWAP - otherwise - well... at this point, I would have just bought something?! Yes - it's true... that is how sad it is?! I am really just that busy!?

Here are a few cards I made this week:

I also worked on an entry for the Writer's Conference contest... I can't believe it is only a week away already!? I am so excited! Not only do I get to hear some of my favorite authors speak, but I will get to experience my first ever Writer's conference... plus I am so excited to just be able to attend the church that this conference is being held at... then there is the whole Road Trip with a girlfriend part too! The only bad part is I will have to miss my first official Conference Call with the company I am now working with... I am really bummed about that one. It IS possible for me to still try to connect - but it will all depend on the time they decide on and where I will be at in the Writer's schedule!

I have been spending a LOT of time on the computer lately - but it sure doesn't feel like I am accomplishing much... I know I am - but it's the learning part before I get to create part that makes it tough to see progress for me! I also have been working on finding papers/supplies to coordinate for my new clients' photo's! And boy does she have photo's!? I am still trying to cut some out!?

I've been trying to press through this plateau - I am sure you are all just about as sick of hearing about it, as I am of being stuck IN it?! I lost 2#s this week... so one more pound I will have hit the 75 pound loss mark! It's just taking SO stinkin' long to get there?!

Oh - yes, and the other thing this week that has captured my attention is my baby is turning 14?! Oh yeah... it's true! She is AWESOME... God made her to be Awesome and she is stepping into all that He has for her... tonight, as I type - she is having a sleep over that is surprisingly quiet (uh-oh?!) and we're planning on hitting a matinee tomorrow with all her peeps! She totally rocks and we'll be celebrating for days and weeks... it's true - the tradition continues!
I hope to actually SCRAP something soon... even digi-style... just something?! I miss it... maybe I just need some inspiration... what have YOU been working on lately!?

Scrap Happy and Be Blessed!


skertso said...

Love the cards you made Karrilee! They turned out great. So cute!!

Denice aka Dedelicious said...

You did a great job on all the cards! The Spring Shape swap was inspirational!

Happy Birthday Kaye!

Pam said...

Love the cards! They all turned out awesome! Happy Birthday to Kaye!! And Happy Mother's Day to you!! Enjoy the writer's conference! I'm feeling that you will be exceptionally blessed by attending!