Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hey?! Turns out I LOVE to Scrapbook!?

It's true... it's really true!

I hadn't Scrapbooked - as in paper and scissors - in AGES it seems!? Since probably February!? I was able to order the "Wisteria" line by Basic Grey for my client - can't WAIT to see it all in person! However, since I ordered it last week - I knew I would need to print out my own photo's and get officially caught up again! It's a little deal I have made with God... I love the business - but never wanted it to take off so much so that I didn't have time or joy in scrapping my own stuff! So - I printed out photo's from March through my recent California trip last week and got busy! I 'kitted' everything Thursday afternoon, and made a birthday card (using a SparkPeople Bday SWAP Shape!) and I was able to finish 5 LOs at my Scrap Happy crop... Friday was my online chat/crop and I was able to finish up the other 7! Oh yeah! I am all caught up, baby! ...And as an added bonus - it turns out that I really DO love Scrapbooking! I mean - I really do still love it! (Believe me - this is good news to me! LOL!)

Here is what I did:

A Speed Scrap Challenge:

and my own pages:

So - while my 'little one' was away at a friends' b'day party - one of her youth group leaders' came to pay Kayelyn back for tee-peeing her car. Only - Kaye's 'vandalism' was rather impromptu and lacking - while Vals' - well - not so much?!

After that, Dave and I went out for dinner... it was a GORGEOUS night in Yakima... it had been super hot all day and the sun was out... a few clouds in the sky - a slight breeze - perfect weather for outdoor dining! So we drove downtown looking for someplace to eat outside and impulsively decided on Santiago's... nachos and a beer - mmm - not so Spark friendly - but I had 'room' in my ranges and it just sounded good!

So - we sat down, placed our order, and it began to sprinkle. OK - fine... a little rain is not a big deal... and so we moved to sit under the netting... and then came the DOWNPOUR! I am talking torrential rain!? It only lasted for maybe 15 minutes or so... but we had to move inside... when it cleared, we bravely moved back out and thoroughly enjoyed a great dinner outside together... definitely made a memory there!

This morning we went for a jog, walked to Starbucks and enjoyed our morning coffee with the rest of Yakima in the sunshine! Nice! Hope you are all enjoying your weekends and have stirred up that love for scrapping too!

Now that I am all caught up - I can get back to designing for Hoorray (until that Basic Grey box arrives anyway!) Work, work, work! Good to know I really do still love it!

Scrap Happy!


Michele said...

Great job on your pages!!!

And I am glad you are caught up. But you do still have one more "project" left to do before you leave on vacation! lol

Pam said...

Okay... can I just say you are awesome?!?! Your pages are great, the speed scrap page turned out gorgeous, and you are once again all caught up!? Not to mention you love scrapping...hmmmm- I can see why!! Gotta love Kaye's room, too! WOW! You should scrap that- and her expression when she saw it! How fun! Glad you're back, lovin' scrapping, and making memories with your DH!

Christina said...

Your pages are awesome. My pages want to be yours when they grow up HE HE. I am working hard to catch back up. I am caught up on 2 out of four albums. Not too bad.

Scrappinaway said...

Great pages! YOu do such great work!! Love the TP'ed bedroom! What a great idea!!! LOL!! Love the cupcake card too!

vanron said...

Nice! You do great work!! love the way the speed scrap page turned out...

skertso said...

Congrats! I will NEVER be caught up because I got a late start. Your works is absolutely lovely and I'm glad that you found that you absolutely loved scrapping in the process.

Tracy said...

There's such a thing as being caught up??? HA! LOL

I love the card and I love the pages!!! I had the owner of my LSS order the Wisteria stuff so I can do my wedding pictures with it! ACK- what an undertaking that will be!

You rock- have I mentioned that???