Friday, October 30, 2009

Autumn at its' Best!

(Scrap To Lose Team Weekly Challenge - Use 6 Photos, and use Black & Orange in a LO!)

I know - I am like a broken record... but I really do love Fall!
I was asked to take some Senior Portraits for a couple of good friends' - their kids were wanting something a little different and I was just so happy that they asked me and trusted me to be able to capture some great shots! So - of course I said yes... and of course immediately had plans to go to the local Arboretum! So pretty! The above LO features a few landscape shots I took while there! The colors were so vibrant and gorgeous! You could even really tell the difference from the first photo shoot on Saturday:

to the second on Tuesday:

I also took some super fun ones on Saturday downtown... I will add a few of my favs here since they have already uploaded them on their facebooks!

Here are a few more of my favorites:

On a SparkPeople related note - I took this week off! I had been working my butt off for months and months with no loss - and after several people advised this - I finally did take an entire week off! No working out at all... and definitely a few more splurges than is normal in a week... lost three pounds?! So - I am back down to my low... so I will start up the C25K training on Monday and see if I can continue losing?! If it stalls again I will have to really think about what to change!? I am considering Calorie Cycling... still intimidated by it - but I will look into it after next week if not much changes?

Yesterday was all about Apples! I got BOXES and BOXES of them from a friend - so yesterday was Applesauce and Apple Crisp day... today is Apple Butter... and tomorrow is Apple Chips!

But - more importantly today... I took my girlie to see Michael Jacksons' "This Is It!"
Wow?! Sadly - it was it... I mean - it really was his final curtain call and if only he had lived what we wouldn't have paid to see the show in person!? OH MY!? It really gave you a behind the scenes look at him - you got to see and once again appreciate his talent and amazing gift... love him or hate him - the boy could sing - and dance! I got teary eyed a little... but my girlie went through SEVERAL tissues... like we knew she would!
She let me take some pictures before - but not after... with the mascara and tear streaks down her face... she's just no fun!? It would have made a GREAT LO?!
I'd upload the photo's here... but I already rambled (and uploaded) plenty for today... besides, without the tear stained cheeks - well, it's just not the same!

Scrap Happy!


Pam said...

Great pictures! You're a fabulous photographer! :)

Denice aka Dedelicious said...

You took some fantastic pics! I'm not taking away from your talent, but it does help that the kids are so photogenic, and that you picked a fabulous location!

Photographer...another hat for you to wear dear friend!

natalie said...

I love those photos Karri...beautiful!!!