Friday, October 16, 2009

Sun City Race day... and other fun stuff!

Yeah - I said FUN stuff and race day in the same sentence?! Weird, huh?!

So - I am not quite done with my Couch to 5K training but my race was last Sunday... I had walked the route with my hubby once (48 minutes and something), and went back on my own the week before the race to run it and was happy with my time (37:15). So - I was hoping that with the actual day of the race, I would at least be able to run it in 37 minutes - secretly hoping for 35! I was thinking it was doable - but then, I really was maxed out by the end of the run - and wanted to pace myself a bit better to be able to run more of it on race day - even if that meant adding a bit of time overall.

While I was having fun on with friends, enjoying a brisk cold Team Walk, and doing some shopping with my sister - my husband was braving the freezing cold and camping here with my Dad and BIL:

Gorgeous, huh?! Yeah - but stinkin' COLD too... no thanks! They survived and even managed to have somewhat of a good time! My Dad used to nearly LIVE up there - and with health issues he hasn't been up much at all - so he was extremely grateful that they took him up there and he was really staying in the moment the whole time - not sure if he will get back again. I doubt he will on his own - but they would not mind taking him up again - as long as it is WARMER!? Then again - you hike that far up - and if it is warmer, that means mosquito's?! So - pick your poison?! Me?! I'd rather run!

So - Sunday morning I woke up to FREEZING weather! Yet another reminder that my training indoors on my treadmill was maybe not the smartest approach!? Breathing in that super cold air was going to burn my lungs... I just knew it! I wasn't sure how to layer myself to stay warm - but not too warm once I started running... I figured I would just learn from my mistakes in the first couple of races!? I arrived about 40 minutes early- plenty of time to sign in, get my number and stretch and warm up a bit! I grabbed a handful of nuts/berries and ate a banana... drank some water and began to warm up! The location of the race start had their sprinklers running early - so the trees were dripping with icicles... yes - ICICLES people?! The grass was frozen and crunchy and there were a few icy spots on the roadway!? I was thinkin', "...and I signed up for this?!" So - I checked my watch - 10 minutes to start time... so I started to walk to warm up and walked away from the starting line. You can guess what happened next, I am sure! They decided to start the race 5 minutes early - so I hear them counting down from 10 while I am about a minute away... nice?! So - started my own watch once I actually crossed the start line. I managed to pass quite a few people in the beginning - approaching the one hill/incline of the race and ran up most of it. I was keeping pretty good pace and was happy to have run probably all but maybe a quarter mile. I turned the final corner and could see the finish line and a few people cheering there. Nice... it definitely helped me to find a bit more speed. I realized that I recognized a voice in the crowd and found that my good friend Linda and her hubby Doug were both there cheering me on and taking photo's for me! Oh so sweet! I also noticed at that time that I was right over 35 minutes on their clock! So - I sprinted the last tiny bit to come in officially at 35:24... not too bad for my first race! Of course - my own watch brought me in at 34:54 I think... so either way - I am happy to have met my goal of 35 minutes - give or take a few seconds! It felt great... and I am already looking to the next race - a four miler - in February! I plan on finishing up my C25K training in the next week and starting it over again... trying to mix up treadmill and real road training this time! Anyway - I haven't been able to get her photo's on my computer - but here ya go... you get the idea!

So - it's amazing to me that I had fun... but it really is addicting and I love to push my body further than it feels like I can go! My BIL asked if I was going to train for a 1/2 marathon now?! LOL!? Baby steps there, brother - just simmer down now?! But - I would love to think that one day - I could do it?! So - we'll just take it one step at a time and see where it takes me?!

I had fun putting together a little Flipbook for my Mom... she took that trip to the beach and I wanted to do something special for her to be able to look through it and remember! Here are a few pages from that:

I recently ordered and received my first ever CTMH stamps... I LOVE them! Here are some cards I made last night at my Crop night:

...and a couple of Layouts I completed too:

Yesterday I got to spend the afternoon with my favorite little guy Lincoln - whom his parents lovingly refer to as 'the boy'! LOL! He is so adorable and such a great little guy... we played for hours and then, ya gotta love it, he fell asleep laying in my arms! Oh my! I have missed that part!

So - Scrap On everyone... update and let us know what you have been working on! (You know who you are! I am in need of new Blog Stalking material to read!?)

We celebrate our 17th Anniversary tomorrow... it's amazing how fast time flies!
We are truly blessed!
Have a Great weekend!


Pam said...

I can't tell you what an inspiration you are... from running a 5K to all the gorgeous work you do to all the wonderful ways I see Papa working through you... you are such a blessing! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby, too!

Denice aka Dedelicious said...

What a great post! I love all the pics from your dh's trip, so peaceful and breathtaking!

Your race? Well, you know what I think about rocked it from the time you crossed the start line!

Your beach flip book is sure to make a wonderful gift for you mom, who'll love all the memories it brings to her!

Your energy is making me tired, I think I need a nap! LOL!

Love it all, and you!

Michele said...

Thanks for the update! lol You rock with your running!! I am so proud of you!!! wish mine hadn't fallen through. :-(

Love your cards, LOs, etc. Always gorgeous! :-)