Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Aaah - Fall! I love it!

Pretty, huh!?
Early Fall... I really love it!
I had Bunko here at my home last week
so I 'had' to get out all my Autumn Decorations
and pull out all my Fall candles and Scentsy scents... yum!
I made a completely new menu - loved everything from
the basil & tomato, and ham & swiss bruschettas
and Mediterranean mini meatloaves,
to the hummus and veggies,
Apple Crisp cheese ball, and Spicy Chocolate Chunk Pumpkin cake!
So good! PLUS - I won Most Bunko's and got to pick my favorite prize
- a Shabby chic white ceramic pumpkin that holds
a super yummy Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle!
I didn't take pix of my home- you've all seen it before all decked out in
Fall Colors and lookin' all warm and cozy!

I also finished up my Recipe Swap Pages for a Holiday Recipe Book
that I am partaking in from my Sisterhood Team on SparkPeople.
How Fun! I can't wait to get it back!
(It'll be in the mail to you tomorrow, Vi!)

I also finished up some Halloween cards...
first time ever I have done that!?
We are just not big on that 'holiday'
but I have a friend who loves it
and I found the cutest papers- I just HAD to do something with them!?

Now, tonight - or tomorrow - I will be working on
a Beach Flipbook for my Mom... lucky her
- she got to go vacation in Lincoln City, OR...
and she had a GREAT time!
My Mom is not a big traveler
and reluctantly signed up for a Seniors trip...
I am SO happy that she had fun!
She loves the beach and never gets to go!
I love the beach too - and didn't get to go this year...
(all because I love my Sissers!!! You girls were so worth it!)

I have a few actual photo's of my own to scrap too!
My sister and her family came to town a couple of weeks ago
and we had a great time with them
- relaxing and laughing and catching up!
Then, last weekend, I went away with my hubby to attend
a Spiritual Hunger conference.
The actual conference was incredible... Bill and Beni Johnson spoke,
and Jim White, and others...
the worship was led by Kim Walker Smith and her team
- SO awesome and powerful!
But even our 'down time' was amazing...
relaxing, just walking all over beautiful Spokane!
I forgot how gorgeous it is there!

So - I will work on a layout or two to catch up there!
I still haven't scrapped the majority of my DC vaca-
- but that is because I had planned to do it Digi-style in a book.
I spent HOURS working on it and now it seems like
I will not be able to order it after all!
So - it's back to square one...
still wanting a Digi-book but considering
using another site?
Maybe I will tackle that next week!

I have some Digi-design work I want to do as well...
not sure what will come of it as the site I was working with
is not really taking new designs.
But something may come of this experience
and even if I just design a kit or two for myself
- I miss playing around with making kits!
You CAN find three of my designs available at in their Designer Line for Photo Books.
But I don't know for how much longer!

I have also allowed myself to get busy enough once again
that I have not been working on my writing!?
I also realized I hadn't written it down on my trusty Day Planner?!
Must Go Do That Now!
Plus - (Na?!) I need to get my Writer's Prompt book out again!

My 5K is this Sunday!
I started that C25K training program late...
so I knew I wouldn't be done with it
by the time the race was here...
but as I have said (I think?) before...
I was working it every other day,
rather than 3x per week - so that helped a bit!
I did take an extra day off here and there
when I felt like I needed it
- but mostly I have stayed on track!
Originally my hubby was going to do it with me!
I loved his support and encouragement,
but was afraid he would push me too hard
& I didn't want to resent him being there?! LOL!?
However, he had accidentally planned a Hiking Trip
with my Dad and BIL for the same weekend!
He felt bad - but just between us, I was a bit relieved!
I don't mind doing it on my own!
I'll have my Rockin' Playlist
to keep me company and push me on!
The only sad point I realized after wards is
there will be no photo's of the finish line...
but - that's okay! I will know I did it... and that is enough!
Anyway - on Saturday, we decided to walk it
so I would know what I had signed up for!
I insisted it was not a run day,
so I really didn't want to do any running
on the course at all.
He really wanted to do at least a little,
so we did... a little!
and when we walked, we sort of strolled.
Our time? 48:34
Today, I went out on my own to run it.
I did end up walking a bit more than I am hoping to
- and had some - uh - female issues to deal with that I hope
won't be a problem on Sunday,
but my time was 37:15!
I took over 11 minutes off our time!
So - we shall see what Sunday holds for me!
I am hoping that I will not battle cramps,
I will have a new (better) sports bra,
and that race day adrenaline will kick in
and give me an edge up
and help me to at least meet my time today!
It would be GREAT to do even better...
but today's pace felt pretty good
- towards the top of my ability!
I am sure I will let you know how it goes!

What else? What else?
Oh - my daughter is living some sort of 80s movie...
Let's just say it seems she has her very own "Blaine"...
Although - of course, at 14, she's not allowed to have a Blaine!

Off to create... dinner, and then pages!
Scrap Happy!


Michele said...

Love the update (although I already knew most of it! hehehe)! But love the pics to go with it!! lol

As far as your "contract" with Hoorray does it say you are exclusive to them? Or can you design and either give away for free (to get a following and then eventually sell) or try to find another place to sell now?

Christina said...

WOW you been busy. Love the cards!

Pam said...

You have such a full and rewarding life- you are truly blessed!! Love ya, Sisser!!!

Denice aka Dedelicious said...

Your pictures are B-E-A-U-tiful, and say FALL!

Will cook for me like that when I come to WA, because that was a spread! mmmmmm, I feel like eating after seeing all the great pics of it! :)

Yep, you've been busy...running your hiney off....literally, and it looks soooooo good on you.

Love ya!