Monday, November 16, 2009

Productive Weekend - Check! What's next?

Ah yes - next?! The Madness often generally referred to as 'the holidays' is JUST BEGINNING?! But still, I did in fact have an amazingly relaxing and yet highly productive weekend!

I managed to finish (or so I thought!) my clients' album... I'd love to post the photo's - but they are not my LOs and it is a surprise Christmas gift so I will not... they are a little more basic than my normal style - but I had fun and in talking with her this morning, found I have another page to complete. I hope to get it done and turn the completed project over to her on Thursday!

I also designed, cut, and completed this years' Thanksgiving Place cards for our family. Fun! I do these every year - leaving room for everyone to write down what they are thankful for! It's so fun to go back through them and read over them together! I love it!
Here's what I came up with this year:

I also made a couple more Fall cards... because - well - can you really have enough?I did a lot of prep work for my day of Christmas card making on Wednesday! Since I am using my Cuttlebug/template for the background and die-cut - I was able to make the backgrounds for all 60 cards... and then I made a trip to Craft Warehouse and feel I came out a winner... I hadn't been there in literally nearly a year! It used to be that I would walk in and immediately have a list a mile long of new projects that I wanted to do or new things I didn't even know existed that now I must have - but this time?! I simply walked through the store - picking up the basic Christmas Card making supplies that I didn't have on hand, and priced a few other gift idea projects I had already thought of on my own before entering the store! I bought a couple of frames to play with and the supplies and left with only $30 missing from my wallet, and no new list of wants or needs! Whew?! Narrowly escaped!

Oh yeah - and I designed, uploaded, and ordered a custom Digital photobook from Shutterfly. I worked on the LOs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - and ordered the book last night! This is a book of our trip back East in June! I scrapped just a few of the photo's in our family album but knew I wanted an entire photobook of the trip! I tried to use a couple different sites 'drag and drop' tools but never really liked the style as much as if I layered them and did them myself! So - I used a digital kit (DDE Lucky Star) and my PSE to design about 45 pages! Here are some examples:

I can't wait to see it in person and show it off!

So... this week I have lots going on in my 'regular' life - as well as much to do crafting! I have set Wednesday aside for Christmas cards and would LOVE to get them all done or at least the majority of them?! We shall see!? I have 60 on my list... and should make a few extra I guess too!? Thursday I am hosting my monthly Crop - so if I don't finish on Wed I will finish on Thurs! I also have one more page to do from my client before Thursday and I have one project to start for a Christmas gift - a framed dry erase board. That is what I am making for my side of the family... in my 'regular' life I have meetings today, tomorrow, tomorrow night, (wed if you count my Christmas Card date!) Thursday, and Friday - I would love to start a bit of Christmas shopping as well...?! But - I can only do so much!

Despite what it may look like sometimes people, I am - in fact - NOT Super Woman! LOL!

Scrap Happy!


Michele said...

You go girl!!! Love the album, placecards and cards. Oh and I received a lovely little card in the mail from a dear friend today. It was gorgeous...not that I expected anything less! You rock!

Denice aka Dedelicious said...

Coming to your blog is like going on a mini-vacation! Between the music and the pictures I always feel like I'm there with you!

Love the digi album, very cute and special for you!

The place cards are special, not just for you but for everyone who spends the day with you!

Hugs, my deer friend!

Pam said...

I absolutely love the place cards!! And the digi album is AWESOME!!! Keep up the awesome work, my friend!! And speaking of fall place cards... I got the most beautiful reminder of fall in the form of a lovely card yesterday- THANK YOU!!!!