Saturday, March 06, 2010

MMmmm - Coffee!!!

Yep - it's not a big secret - I LOVE coffee! My kitchen is decorated as a coffeehouse and every year I get a great Cafe themed calendar to hang... but it's always a little sad to say goodbye to the last years' fun! Well - I decided I would 'go green' a little and make myself a set of fun coffee cards... to send to some who can't share a cuppa in person! Here are some of what I made:

I also made a few Birthday cards and thanks to Alicia from my Sisterhood group, I tried my first attempt at a few Wiper cards! They were really fun:

Other than that - we have been IMMERSED in high school tennis! Wow?! Our dd has been taking lessons just for fun for several years now but had never played competitively... we were encouraged to sign her up for a Junior Championship tournament at the local Tennis Club before her try outs started. So last wknd we signed her up - and she played her first ever competitive match - it lasted over 2 HOURS... wow?! She lost the last set 5/7... nut they were both exhausted! Her second match was the next day and she won it in two straight sets. The next day she played the other top seed (in the JV division!) and lost to her. But - she came in 2nd place! Not too shabby! She was so sore and had three new blisters - one for each match! And then - Try outs for high school tennis were every day last week (and today... and on Monday which is a no school day!?) She already knows she made the JV A team - she was not wanting to make the Varsity team because most of the returning players are seniors and they are all really good - so she would be forced to play doubles most of the time... so she was thrilled. They will get their ranks on Monday I think - she is pretty sure she is #1... maybe #2. We'll see if she is right! Besides the EVERY SINGLE DAY of practices from now until the end of MAY - the real shocker is the COST!? Wow?! We only have one kid?! HOW do you guys who have three or more even AFFORD to have your kids in sports!? Oh my?! We had to pay for a Sports Physical ($40)... she needed a tennis skirt and shirt and - um - a 'real' sports bra - for the Tournament ($140)... we need to pay an extra $30 for insurance and Dave just lost his coverage from work and we haven't found anything we can afford yet - but it's the law that they have SOMETHING... we have to pay a Pay to Play fee of $70 to the school. Her uniform (which is one skirt and one top) is $100... there is also a required $32 sweatshirt, plus 'optional' sweats and shirts ($28). That is all before the season actually STARTS... which will include traveling so that will add up too!? Whew?! At least now we will know for next year! Next year she will be on the Varsity team which will cost more and include more fun things like District and State!? Yeah... that's gonna cost more! But - it will be worth it if she is loving it... and if it will get her a scholarship - which is what is driving US! LOL!

Besides that - I am back on track with my running... I have stayed consistent in running over 4 miles 3x's a week for the last 3 or 4 weeks! I want to work up to 6 or 7 before I start training for the 5mile Clear Lake race... that one is up in the hills - and will - well, have some serious hills!?

We are experiencing some SERIOUS Spring like weather here lately... which helps with the consistent running!

Scrap On... what are you guys working on?


Denice aka Dedelicious said...

Love the cards, so cool that you were being green and came up with something so fun!

YAY for tennis! She's going to ROCK that uniform and you know it! Then she's going to kick some tennis a$$ in it!

Pam said...

The cards are awesome!! I LOVE the theme there!! And wow, have you been BUSY!! Congrats to Kayelyn on the JV A team (I may have already said that somewhere)- that's SOOO awesome!! (I hope you can find some time to sit back and relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, soon!!!)