Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tweet Sweets Kit Sampler

Here are some Digi-Valentine's Cards I made for friends
using my new "Tweet Sweets" Digital Kit...

I will be offering a portion of this kit for free soon - so check back
and let me know what you think!

On a different note - we celebrated Valentine's Day last night as a family again!
We have a gorgeous 15 year old girl - who went to school in all black! LOL! She is (mostly) happily single and was surprised to find a LOT of kids featured in all black yesterday! We started including her (and other single friends) in our celebration when she was a preteen. We just felt it was very important to use the 'holiday' as a chance to let her know that while the day is all about celebrating Love - it doesn't have to be only a Romantic Love!

I took her to get a Manicure...
...and we also bought some roses for her and her friends 'from Jesus'...
Then last night, I set the table near our big picture window overlooking the city...
we make it fancy, get take out from our favorite restaurant,
take communion together, and just relax and enjoy the evening together!
It is really nice and I am SO glad that we started this when she was younger...
we didn't get all dressed up this year, thus the missing photo's of PEOPLE - LOL!
We had actually just got done with our P90X workout when Dave came home with dinner
- but the food was all dressed up and pretty!

Hope you all had a Great Day filled with all kinds of Love!
Scrap Happy!


Denice said...

Cute kit! I'm guessing the sissers all felt a bit more loved because of the cards...I know I did!

Your V-day table and dinner looks -L-O-V-E-L-Y!

Amber said...

Great blog with some really great stuff! Thanks for sharing it on sparkpeople.