Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Inspired Life...

The Inspired Life

Somehow - maybe via facebook - I stumbled upon this amazing blog (AMAZING BLOG) called Weaving the Wind by Michele Perry and have been loving following along with her posts!

It is all about inspiring creativity inside of you... and we are all creative! Not just us 'crafty' people - but everyone... and this blog series teaches you to grasp that fact and run toward it! I highly encourage you to check it out and follow along!

While I AM scrapbooky/crafty... I would never consider myself artsy - in that I don't paint.  I used to say I can't paint... but that was mostly because I don't paint!  In the past few months, however, the Lord has been stirring me up and pushing me out of my comfort zone!  I have started to dive into some Prophetic Art experiences and am loving the freedom!  It's hard not to compare myself with 'real' artists so I must say - this blog came along just in time for me! Otherwise... I may have stopped as soon as I started!

Here are a few glimpses into the prophetic art...

Here are a few things that have come from the blog prompts/activations:

My Sketch Pad - and the first Activation - to think of descriptive Color names and...

...to play around with a kids' watercolor set!
(It helps to take the fear out of it when it's just a Crayola kit for $5!)

This one stemmed from opening your eyes and paying attention to my spiritual geography...
this watercolor sketch is based on my surroundings - both in the natural - and the spiritual!

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Denice said...

OMG KL, I tried, and tried, and tried mixed medium art...unsuccesfully. Then, when I saw your pictures here my heart started pounding from the shear terror of thinking I might try it again! LOL!
Your inspiration comes from within and it shows with these wonderful creations! Have fun and keep creating!