Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Digital Layouts for 2012

Wow... life has just been unfolding every day and I keep meaning to stop by here and upload some Digi Layouts from this year! I am not 'all caught up' (as would be normal!) but I am getting there! I believe these bring us up to June!

I hope you are all doing well... I am (re)learning how to BE creative and SEE creatively - not just DO creative things... I am learning to embrace an artistic eye in approaching life (not just crafts!) - it is stirring things in me and shifting things and mostly it is restoring and increasing JOY! I will use more words next time!  I tend to have a lot of words - but this post will just be visual, if you will! 

Enjoy 'paging' through 2012 with me below:


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