Thursday, March 07, 2013

A gift that keeps on giving...

Aaah - White Lilies!

It was the beginning of this crazy busy week, and I had lists miles long for every day when I was already running behind.  My sweet friend, the first one to arrive for our small group, rang the bell as I was finishing up the vacuuming.  I let her in to see she came bearing gifts.  Well - one, really - and a LARGE one at that!

She couldn't have known I had just switched out my decor and skipped right over St. Patrick's Day and brought out hints of Easter here and there.  She couldn't have known how much we LOVE Lilies in this house... how much they speak to us.  She couldn't have known how seeing this gorgeous bouquet through out my week helped to remind me that no matter what was on my bossy list - I could rest assured that God could handle it (even IF I didn't get everything done!)  After all... doesn't Luke tell us to consider the lilies?

"Consider the lilies, how they grow.  They neither (wearily) toil nor spin nor weave; yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory (his splendor and magnificence) was not arrayed like one of these." (Luke 12:27 Amplified)

You see - this bouquet was a gift... she was headed out of town and would not be able to enjoy it... so she brought it to bless me.  In this week, I had a lot on my plate - much of that involved planning for a couple of workshops that I am teaching at a Women's Retreat this weekend.  I shared that I would much rather the workshops be on Prayer, or teaching the Word, or even leading a How-To class on scrapbooking or card making... but this? A workshop on Prophetic Art... now this is out of my comfort zone. Ha... that is a sort of inside joke... you see, THIS is the artwork He had me do for the retreat itself:

Yeah - did you notice that 'Comfort Zone' on that clock... He has told me that now is the time... and these lilies not only reminded me that He's got me covered... but also the meaning or symbolism of White Lilies include "Purity, Modesty, and Sweetness"

My friend couldn't have known that it was at the LAST Women's Retreat that I taught at that the Lord told me I was called and gifted to be 'Gooey for Jesus'.  That His 'Sweetness' flowed through me.  This is my hearts desire - that this weekend - that ANY weekend, on any given day throughout any week... His Love so shines through me, that I pale and His Glory and Presence shine bright.  It won't matter what I teach or what I say if all the ladies come away with is me...

What I want them to know - to see - to really 'grab hold of' is Him.  Him - at work in and through each of them whether they consider themselves creative, or not! After all - as I will share - Prophetic Art is not so much about skill... it's not about me, or them - it's about hearing Him and painting out of what He says.  If we learn and remember to do that - the art will reveal the Artist. The very Artist who created these gorgeous Lilies, and every single precious sister/daughter/friend sitting in my class, and every single one reading these very words on a screen!

Yes... I needed those flowers this week!
They are a gift - that just keeps on giving!

Speak Life, Be Love, Shine On!

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