Monday, March 11, 2013

Lake Chelan in March

So I had the joy and honor of attending and speaking at a women's retreat up at beautiful Lake Chelan over the weekend! I was busy teaching and sharing - and they actually had a photographer for the retreat so I didn't get any photo's of the actual sessions (she did though - and she is amazing!)... but here are a few shots I snapped in between...


This is Campbell's Resort right on the Lake - a family run AMAZING Resort and Spa!
They REALLY know how to take care of you!

(and no... I get nothing... but seriously - check them out! You won't be sorry!)

The Name tag (featuring the original artwork I did for this Retreat), and a SUPER Yummy custom made sugar cookie from Lily's Sweet Treats

This is the View out my back door:

...and this is the view outside my FRONT door:

(Here... here's a close up: )

Yes - that is right, folks! The gorgeous views of the Lake out one door, and the lovely view of a Starbucks out the other!  CLEARLY someone knows me WELL!

Early morning on the Lake:
aaah... and the View AFTER coffee...

And last but not least, the High Bidder on "Time to Fly" (proceeds go to Women At Risk, Int'l!):

What a blessed weekend!

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