Friday, March 29, 2013

Finding the Persistence of Yellow...

"You ask me how things work.
I think of endless cycles,
the hum and spin of everything.
So I tell you this:
hold the pale green stalk up high.
And then run hard so the wind will
catch the wings of the dandelion seeds.
Let them fall like sparks, like stars,
back to the earth.
I can tell you are not satisfied.
But really. That's all there is to it:
The persistence of yellow." 
                                                                             ~ (#204) Monique Duval

So I am a seeker of Yellow and I am finding it everywhere!

I wrote on my other blog how we are off for a vacation and I am seeking out Yellow... expecting to find it everywhere I go! Little did I know - I wouldn't have to go far! I haven't even left yet and look at all the gorgeous Yellow I have found:

It will be quiet around here for the next week or so... please forgive the silence... the crickets song... but I encourage you to lean in to Spring - and search out the Persistence of Yellow for yourself!  Fling seeds of joy and love and dreams everywhere you go...

I wonder, are you game for looking for Yellow?  Tell me where you've found it! I'd love to know!

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Denice said...

I love this time of year when the forsythia's in my back yard bloom in the brightest of brightest of yellows...against the backdrop of green leaves and grass. The little blooms are gorgeous and bring and sense of warmth and calm when ever I look outside. Ohhhh, I love a soft and mellow yellow!
Hugs to you sisser!