Thursday, June 22, 2006

Digital Camera - New Toy

Well... I got a new Digital Camera and so I've been goofin' off with it... playing around taking pictures of EVERYTHING?! Plus - I did a layout all about me and saved a spot for a self-portrait... never like pictures of myself but hey - if you scrap - you gotta add pictures of yourself at least now and then!?

So - I guess these are a bit "MySpace" style... but it was fun! I will probably have to alter them a bit - maybe make one sepia for my layout?! We'll see!?

Have a great weekend!
Happy Scrapping!


Corinna said...

Hi Karrilee,
Learning digi scrapping is on my must do list! good luck... I am some what intimidated to do it... just cause it is something new to learn and it looks like you had home fun snappin pic's of yourself! Cool beans!

Darcie said...

Hey you got a new poster! That's Corinna, my scrappin friend up here. Get to go scrap with her tonight too. :o)

Love the "sassy" pictures, lol! Glad you got a new digital too, I hope you'rs isn't as much of a pain as mine is. :op

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...


Hey there... my sisters name is Corinna... only she spells it 'wrong' (Karinna)... anyway - nice to meet ya... thanks for the comment - only the deal is - I am totally with ya - the whole Digi Scrapping idea is just so intimidating... besides, I LOVE to work with all my papers and embellishments and all that... I used my new digital camera to take some self portraits - but they are to go in an 'old fashioned' handmade layout!!! So... if you venture into the world of Digi-Scrapping - let me know how that goes!


ha...'sassy'! Well - you know mean too well - it's not that easy for me to find 'sassy'! LOL! 'Sarcastic' I can do though!!! So far - my digital is AWESOME!!! You'll soon see... I took a TON of pictures in Seattle! Hey... maybe I'll have them all scrapped before you get here?! LOL! Wouldn't that just be a little sad?! (I'm not sayin' it's not honestly possible though?!)

Corinna said...

Ummm.... yeah... I will probably play around a bit with digi... as I would like to know "how" to do it... but I am with you.. I like the "stuff" ... I have a few really good friends that are digi scrappers... they tell me that it is just as satisfying... but... I'm not convinced!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Exactly! I am not convinced either?! My husband actually bought me a CK Digital Scrapbooking program for Christmas... it has a ton of stuff on it... I can see that once you get used to it - it would make the process go faster... but?! Isn't that part of this passionate hobby anyway!? All that time it takes to finish a layout... all the decisions we make as we are shopping for papers, or - sadly - at the park!(Scrappers 'orchestrating' that perfect page before the photo's are even taken?! Anyone else do that besides me?! LOL! C'mon -I KNOW you do!)
Anyway - I played around with the program - and made my daughters' Valentine's this year using it. I normally hand make them (yes - Darcie - with Stampin' Up! stuff!) They turned out a'right... nothing that great - they LOOKED 3D - but everyone knew that they weren't! So - that experience - and just - as you said - the matter of learning a new trick - has stopped me from really venturing into that whole realm. Anyway - I too plan on trying it at least... but I can't imagine ever giving up my hoards of paper and (as Darcie knows) my ongoing constant lack of glue?!