Sunday, June 25, 2006

Space Needle

Hey there...

OK - well - we went on a short weekend trip to Seattle... for a little family getaway - AND to find out just how awesome my new camera really is! (Well... that is why I went anyway?!) So - I am sure that once I get the pictures printed and the pages scrapped - I will post a layout or two... or six?! LOL!? But... we had a great time! Before I can get to scrapping these though, I have a Craft/Scrap Frame I am doing at a local Retirement Home on Tuesday, so I need to prep for that... and I also actually have other pictures from my daughters' last day of school to scrap. Anyway - I am hoping - with it being so hot here - I will have plenty of time to scrap in my nice cool basement!!! What are you all working on this week!? Any new tricks or tips you want to share... a fun new product that you just can't stop raving about?! Do share!!!

Happy Scrapping!


Corinna said...

Great pic's of Seattle! and as for something to share....hmm... lets see Iam loving the new Chatterbox rub-ons.... but then again... I am sorta of a CBX fan.
Can wait to see some of your work with your new camera!!! Have a great day!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Hey there... I have WAY more pics of Seattle!!! LOL! My husband was like - 72 PICTURES?!?!?! tee hee... well - it IS digital - I won't have them ALL printed?!?!!?

I LOVE Chatterbox too! In fact, I just 'won' some stuff off their Blog a couple of days ago!!! I can't wait to get it and start playing!!! I haven't played with the Rub-on's yet! I know I will love them though! I am such a coordinated girl - I love it when all the papers and inks and embellishments match... very Home Decor of me... so how can I NOT love CBX!? Hope your weekend was good... off to prep more for Tuesday! ~K~

Darcie said...

Ooooh, pwetty pictures! :o) It'll probably rain when we're there-as usual, that's Seattle for ya, LOL!

I don't think 72 pictures is bad for a weekend trip, and you're right, you won't actually print them ALL?!

Ummm, new tips?!? I got nothin' special for ya today. :o(

I've been using my label maker a lot, flowers, rub-on's & foam stamps are always popular with me. I just used a big buckle in my Cancun album last night too.

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Yea - I just bought a set of foam stamps and some paints - LOVE THEM! Seems silly because I have so many SU! stamp sets - but I did a Make & Take with Patricia Anderson and she used the foam flowers and fun paint... I was hooked!

I will pray that it will be sunny for you when you guys are in Seattle! It's funny - it is always sunny when we go! I think we've gone once - maybe twice - when it has poured rain...!? I know it does that a lot... but, ?!!?

Corinna said...

LOL.... too funny that you just finally gave in a bought some foam stamps... I have a freind that just did the very same things... she used mine when we were scrappin one night and she was hooked.. I guess that is all it takes.... and really can one have to many stamps??? also... yeah... I just won the CBX stuff too... good times.
was checkin to see if you had updated yet... sigh~... such is the life of a blog stalker! LOL