Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Retirement Craft Class 101

Hey there...

OK - well - I have a friend who is the Julie McCoy of Love Boat to all the Residents at Sun Tower Retirement Center. Or is it a Resort?! I can't recall - but I do know that when she called to ask if I would 'help out' with a Scrapbook related craft for June - I answered without thinking! "Yes!" I said enthusiastically, "Yes - I'd love to!" I LOVE Scrapbooking, I LOVE to hang out with precious sweet elderly women, why would I not want to 'help out'!?

It actually went quit well - but I must say as I was doing it... it didn't feel much like 'Helping Out' - and I didn't think it was going that 'well' either?! MOST of the ladies there - were in fact, precious and sweet... but if you can imagine they are set in their ways and know what they want... and they are tired of waiting in lines or waiting their turn!? I ended up buying the supplies - at least the ones that the budget could afford... which means I donated a lot of my own embellishments and such... but I wanted them to make a keepsake to enjoy in their rooms so I was willing to do a few little extra steps to help make it nice. The thing I forgot in all my prepping and pre-cutting is that inevitably - the paper that they want is not the one that is pre-cut... and the pre-cut paper, well - they would like those BIGGER?! Honestly, this was requested again and again... Can you make it bigger?!

I was thrilled to do it... it only took about 3 hours... and the ladies were all pleased with their finished products and seemed to have fun (although I wasn't so sure DURING the actual process?!) My daughter and one of her friends were my little helpers, and of course they were the hit of the show!!! As we were cleaning up and packing away our supplies, the ladies suggested we come back and do it again SOON... before they all forget how to do it!? I was going to add a pix or two - but Bloggers photo hosting is not working again!?

On my way home, in the 100 degree heat, I promised the girls a big bowl of ice cream as long as they permitted me to stop for a 'treat' of my own on the way! One of them guessed it would be a Starbuck's run... which sounded divine - however I am on a budget, and I had saved just enough cash to pick up my prints from our weekend trip to Seattle! I drove through my photo drive through to pick up my pictures, and all the while the girls were mocking me and teasing me...(and yet they wanted to look at the pictures as I drove home... before ME if you can imagine?!) My first copies from my digital camera... I was excited to see the quality and how well the enlargements turned out!!! Soon enough, we were in the house - enjoying air conditioning, with the girls enjoying their ice cream, and me my stack of prints... Aahhhh... now I just have to WAIT for my Chatterbox box to arrive... if only it was here today?! I can't know if I can really wait that long?! Luckily, my friend from Boise is coming tomorrow - she is always a good distraction!!!

While I wait and try to be patient, I bid the rest of you
Happy Scrapping!!!


Corinna said...

Oh.... you are a brave soul. I have "helped out" in classes like that before... they are both challenging and rewarding... sounds like it went well. You must be so excited!!! your first digi picture! Yay!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Yeah... it was fun... but as I was packing up and they said 'we should do this again soon..." I thought "...not SOON! that is for sure!" I actually had one lady (one of the NOT Precious and Sweet ones) actually disassembled one of my samples, and steal my frame?!?!?! No Joke?!?!?! The Coordinator was really shocked and kept apologizing, promising she would locate the frame and talk to whoever took it... (I had a pretty good gues at who it was! LOL!) I assured her I was not attached to that frame and it was no big deal... just made for a perfect ending to the whole experience?!

Corinna said...

One such blog stalker has NOTHING to read!!! when one said other blog stalker doesn't update! (HINT)