Friday, June 30, 2006

For My Blog Stalker...

tee hee...

Thanks to my friend, Darcie - I now have a Blog Stalker... I am so excited!

I was told that if I was going to make this Scrapbook Designer Biz a 'go' - a Blog would be a must in this day and age... so I actually have two... this one - that is purely a Scrapbook Blog - and then another one that deals more with my writings... Anyway - I would update this Blog every now and then... never knowing really if anyone had stumbled upon it or not... Oh how I love to see new comments!!! So ...thanks to my new 'stalker' - she is keeping me in line and on track with all my little projects! I just finished this small job for a client... she recently moved away from family and is going through her old pictures. Her family will not want an actual scrapbook - and she can't afford to do that for them anyway right now... but she loved the idea of making a small layout that could be hung or framed.. so - I have just completed 4 and I suspect that there will be more to follow!

I think it is so fun to work with other peoples photo's and create something that they would never have even thought of - but see as a 'Masterpiece"! It's been great as I have been in between Complete Album jobs... (and yes - I am STILL waiting for my Chatterbox box to arrive before I scrap my own pictures!!!)

So ...there ya go... a little update! Hoping the pictures will load correctly today!? Been having trouble with that for some reason lately here?! Anyway - apparently I got a business phone call yesterday while I was out playing with friends... sigh?! This reminds me too late that I still need to replace my answering machine! My family does in fact have a roommate... however she works graveyard and so when the phone rings and rings and she finally answers it - she is probably not very business-like or - you know - cordial?! Yikes?! She said she couldn't really understand the woman and it ended up that the lady was just going to mail me something... ?! Could it be my Chatterbox Box!? But -they wouldn't need to call me?! Could it be a new client?! (Or - it COULD be yet another credit card offer for the business...?!) Anyway - I am hoping it is a new client... I am ready to do a job that will require a bit more time and challenge... (and that will bring in some vacation money, as well!)

Happy Scrapping!


Corinna said...

Ahhhh.... finally an update! oh the satisfaction of clicking on to see a fresh new entry. Sweet! hope you figure out who called and what was in the mail! Scrap ON!

Natalie said...

What kind of stuff do you write?! And, where is the other blog...I would love to check out a blog on writings!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...


My other Blog is sort of a rough draft of a devotional that I am working on... it is basically my random thoughts and experiences that I journal about - all focused on or around God! You can check it out at:

The last entry is sort of long and rambling... but the others are usually shorter and more to the point! LOL! Enjoy - and let me know what ya think!