Thursday, March 01, 2007

Up to my ears in Easter

Yes... it is true
I have spent days on Easter...
Only I have nothing to show for it...
Well - I have the mess left...
& it was for a good cause!?
Plus - it could bring in some new clients as well!

I was asked to donate a basket of Scrap goodies
for a local Christian School Fund raiser.
At first they were just looking for a Gift Certificate,
but I explained that a $20 or $25 Gift Certificate
won't buy much... maybe some cards, or a frame
but no Scrapbook itself...
Somehow - I ended up agreeing to MAKE the Cards & Frame
then of course, I went out and bought the Basket.

Then I had to have some filler stuff too...
so I scrapped a Candle Wrap to match the frame,
and bought a little bunny... some Boems Chocolates...
it turned out great and ended up being worth about $50.
Yeah... I know...
A Gift Certificate would have been WAY easier
(and cheaper!)
But... this is how I am!?
Oh - and then when everything was all put together in the Basket,
I forgot to take a picture?!

Here are some of the contents:

So...this was much of my week this week...
Last week was,
well - it sounds like it was similar to some of yours?!
Sucky and LONG somehow?!
I am better now!

Except for the fact in the midst of my intense emotional ride,
I found SEVERAL not gray - but silvery WHITE hairs..
oh yeah - NOT FUNNY God!?
I am talking several here... Crap!?
So - I am trying to get in to get a hair cut & color ASAP!?

So - next week HAS to be better, right?!
What I really need is
some guilt-free spending money,
coffee with girlfriends, a chick flick,
(some photo's to scrap),
and SPRING already?!
I want to see my Hydrangeas in bloom
& enjoy my Porch Swing again!?
sigh... so I wait... & pray for Spring!

Oh... yes - and I met a local Scrapper via MySpace.
We met for coffee and visited for a couple of hours...
She is hoping to join my Scrap Happy group next month,
but we will probably get together to Scrap before that!?
We'll see!? We both brought some of our own stuff...
She is good... which is always nice!? LOL?!
Anyway - Scrap On! Ladies!


Darcie said...

Of course th ebasket ended up costing more-doesn't it always turn out that way, lol!?!

Hope the new album is going well, sounds cool! Love the Easter goodies you've been making too. :O)

Perhaps I could leave a little eastery song for you if you don't have time to update again soon?! LOL!

darcie said...


Where are you??

No update in days & days! I hope all is well over there, you're probably busy getting caught up on your scrapbook again, LOL!

See you SOON!!!