Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cute Frame... & Pictures to take!

Aaah yes... it is true!
I had fun making this little
"Make-n-Take" Frame
at the Crop I went to last week...

I have mad ea couple of these so far,
but I always used Mod Podge...
on Friday - we used Spray Adhesive.
Oh My!? I am IN LOVE with Spray Adhesive!
Gotta go buy me some of that
Anyway - the crop was fun...
there were maybe a dozen ladies
by the time we headed out!
(We only stayed a couple of hours!)
I went with a new friend and we agreed
to only bring stuff to do the Make-n-Take!
I had a hot date with my Honey & we just wanted
to check it out and meet the other scrappers!
They were really nice and fun,
& we will plan on being there in May
when they do the next Crop!
Renee had plenty of things to work on,
but - sadly - as you all know - I do not?!
Still - no pictures?!
(Plus that Hot Date...)
BUT - this should be a BANNER Photo Op weekend!
Oh first - let me say - after the Crop on Friday,
I met her hubby (who I went to school with) and their kids,
then rushed home to Dave so we could go see
The Paperboys at The Seasons!
It was a great show!
The day before St Patty's
- so their Celtic sound was very popular!
They were a lot of fun...

Anyway - this weekend...
Yes - Photo Op's GALORE, I tell ya!
First... today - we are off to a concert...
my daughter's first 'real' concert!
We're not talking a fairgrounds show...
or even a concert at a local tiny venue!
We are going to see Stellar Kart,
Kutless, & the Newsboys tonight!
I am hoping they do not
confiscate my digital camera!?

Then, we are on to visit friends
(although I doubt I will take pictures then?!)
We are heading to my sisters on Friday...
and then on Saturday, on our way home,
I get to go Wedding Dress shopping with my niece!
Oh yeah! I am one of the wedding photographers
(& the Scrapbook Designer!)
so you KNOW I am taking pictures
of her trying on dresses!

THEN - when we get home...
we will get the chance to catch up
with those Beeler's!
(& ya'll know how photogenic
those Beeler's are!)

So... next week -
I will have somethin' to Scrapbook!
(& by Tuesday or Wednesday...
I will be caught up again?!)
(I... Just... Can't...
HELP... my... self!?)
Honestly, I can't!?
So - I do this type of thing:

I take pictures of random everyday things, & make a layout about it! I love this one though... and it is an important part of our everyday life that is often overlooked because it is not an 'event'! Anyway - love the Chatterbox Papers and the Ribbon Slide!

Scrap On!


darcie said...

woo-hoo, have a blast at the concert & visiting friends!!

When taking pictures of dress shopping you have to be VERY sneaky. They don't let you take pic's tilll after you buy the dress because they don't want you to be able to take someone a pic and have them make you a dress! Good luck, I hope you manage to get a few at least (no flash, lol!). :O)

Excited to see you & we will take a million crazy pictures for you to scrap! Want me to bring you some stuff to do & send back to me, lol!?

See you SOON!!!!!

Corinna said...

Ditto to all that double EE said... and I would bathe in Diamond Glaze and Spray Adhesive if I could!
Cute project!

wheeeeeeee said...

Enjoy...I mean be careful with that spray adhesive, if used (in)correctly you will get high as a kite, LOL!