Friday, March 30, 2007

The Drop Off!!!

It is true... next week - I get to meet my client in person for a drop off...
I am finished with her Guatemala Album and since we live fairly close - we are meeting halfway and I will get to see her page through the completed album and watch her enjoy the finished product! I am so excited! She is also bringing with her the next project... an Album of her trip to Italy! Yes... someone is going to pay me to play with real pictures from Italy?! Life is good! If I can't go there myself... at least I can scrapbook someone else's dream vacation! LOL!
One day.... one day!!!

So... I now have some photo's to scrap with...
We went to a concert a couple of weekends ago
and had a blast! My daughter loved it (and so did we!)
We also went Wedding Dress shopping with my niece
and got SEVERAL pictures of her trying on dresses...
and yes - I got 'the shot' of her when she realized
that she was wearing her Wedding Dress!
I also have some nice shots like these...

Kaye & Chloe were playing with Make-Up and decided to try to trick us...
it only worked on Dan... but they may have a future in Make-Up Artistry!
Of course... Darcie has some other pictures of the girls together
(ones withOUT the black eyes)
and so I am waiting to print my own out...
You all know if I print mine -
I will not have enough discipline to NOT scrap them...
so I must wait until she graciously uploads the other pictures...
Why is it that I am always somehow at her mercy?!
I think it is some sort of voodoo mind trick
that she does?! LOL!

Anyway - I also was hard at work making sets of cards,
paper coasters, and notebooks to match!
(Yes - I love my Spray Adhesive!!!)
I stalked the Michael's Dollar Bin and found some
paper coasters and notebook/journals
and made them to match a set of cards!
Too fun... & they turned out great!
(But I forgot to take a picture?!)
Also I have been searching for Paper Lines that
feature my niece's wedding colors...
Her colors are Black, Ivory/White, Latte, & Pink.
There are LOTS of choices...
I just sent her about 12 links to different lines.
With all the other wedding plans,
I may have just pushed her over the edge?! Oops?!
Although - she makes handmade Journals,
so it may be relaxing & exciting for her
to browse through them all!

So... for me - NEXT week is Spring Break...
who can know what we will end up doing!?
No big plans yet except a trip to the Factory Outlets...
I was feeling a bit guilty about the no plans deal,
then this morning - my daughter proudly told me that
she loves it best when we have 'no plans' because then she can relax
and we can do things spontaneously?!
Maybe I will take Na's lead and make a trip to the State Pen...??!
That would be fun!?

I will remember this time to take some cool Jazz pictures tomorrow night
when my hubby is playing music...
I want to do a page on him & I forgot my camera
the last two places he has had gigs!?
I will pack it today so I don't forget!?

Anyway - that is what I have been doing...
next week I think I will have fun Italy pictures to play with...
so I shouldn't be TOO impatient with Darcie
& her !@&# Kodak "Easy"Share or whatever?!

Scrap On!


Corinna said...

that rocks that you are gettin paid! gotta love that.

And the black eyes... ha ha, funny girls

darcie said...

the streets of hell will be paved with kodak easyshare printer docks, I swear....