Friday, March 16, 2007


Hey there...

yes - I have been busy scrapping
& creating & just plain old loving my job!
To think that I get paid for doing what I love
...isn't that the ultimate!?
Plus - my husband has had 3 paying gigs
in about 2 or 3 months
- with more opportunities coming all the time...
getting paid for doing what his passion is...
how can we not be loving this season
& be thankful for the blessings
that God is pouring over us!?

I have been writing as well...
just once a week
- but my year long commitment
is nearing an end,
so the next step
is fast approaching!

Oh - & have I mentioned lately
that as much as I love Fall,
Spring is a
Blue Skies & Sunshine...
Trees starting to turn Green again
& Tulips pushing up through the soil...
Aaaah yes! Spring is fast approaching too,
& not a moment too soon for me!

I have loved getting to create layouts with
gorgeous photo's from Guatemala.
I will not post any lo's here as I have not
gained permission from my client yet.
But let me just say
- she has some beautiful pictures
to play with!
I actually have 3 more pages to add journaling to,
& then I am officially done!

I had my Scrap Happy group last night
& I actually remembered to take a few pix...
although the ladies there
mostly didn't want to be 'featured'

We had a good time & we're praying about
how to offer Childcare to help grow our Group!
We'd appreciate any prayers or ideas on that front!

It is Friday & I am going to an all night crop tonight...
although I only plan on staying a couple of hours tops...
(you KNOW I don't really have any photo's to scrap!?)
I do have one 2-page layout I am working on right now.
& I have a few pictures from Valentine's Day to scrap...
but tonight we are just doing the Make-n-Take frame.
I am going with a gal that I met from MySpace...
she is local & is wanting to meet other Scrappers...
so we are hoping that there will be other ladies there
that we hit it off with...
They meet again in May and then in July...
it's a 2-day crop & it costs $5 for both days!
They sell product there as well
& have goodie bags & Make-n-Takes too!?
So - I will fill you in on my impression of it soon!
Maybe Darcie will plan a trip here
around one of the future crops in teh Summer
although I know they will pale in comparison
to the Gatherings you all have 'there'!

Anyway - I am off to put away all my stuff
(the only down side of scrapping elsewhere?!)

Scrap On!

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na said...

Sounds like your crop adventures are a lot of fun! And, congrats on finishing that album...sounds great!