Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fun Fall Foto's (what?!!!!??)

I love Fall... if you know me at all...
or have read my blog
with any consistency,
you already know this!
It comes as no surprise, I know!

The title?! Yeah - well
- I've gone to church
long enough to know that you can
change the spelling of certain words
to get the right message
(aka the right acronym!)

Anyway - I am pleased to report
that Dave & I did
in fact get to leave town
last Friday & get a little break!
(I felt like Bob, in
What About Bob...
like we had a prescription to
take a vacation from
our problems! LOL!)
It truly was an awesome get-away...
the colors (as you will see)
were gorgeous!
The weather perfect...
the town still as charming
& quaint as always...
the Tiramisu Gelato divine...
the Chicken Jerusalem
still melts in your mouth...
the Jazz Music was relaxing...
the Fresh Air (& Shopping!)
did us good...
&, of course, the famous
Gingerbread Factory
"White Choc Ginger Oatmeal"
cookies were INCREDIBLE!?!!?

We actually had our friends the Beeler's
over for coffee Friday morning...
Well - by morning, WE meant like 9ish...
but, as most of you know,
'morning' to Chuck is something totally different?!
Of course, it didn't help that they were leaving
our house to go visit Grandma
- so everyone had to be 'presentable'!
Anyway - we had a great visit with them
& eventually (around 12:30 I think!?)
headed out of town!
We took Kaye to our sisters' house
& happily drove out of the city limits!
Don't get me wrong - we actually love our town...
but with all that has happened in the past few weeks
- we NEEDED a change of scenery!
Dave had made reservations at the same hotel
we celebrated our FIRST wedding Anniversary at
...that was sweet!
He also made reservations for dinner
at our favorite restaurant too...
requesting a table close to the Jazz Trio
that is always playing there on Friday nights!
Anyway - we walked around town,
&d we walked along the riverfront park,
& we relaxed at the hotel,
we laughed & talked
& just really enjoyed being together.
We had lots of moments that really felt like
we were celebrating,
& a few that reminded us that something
- someone - was missing - even miles away!
Over all we came home incredibly thankful
that God has blessed our marriage
& that we are best friends...
a good reminder that even
before Kevin's death
- that was the truth!
& after it, it is even more so!

We came back to town on Saturday afternoon, unpacked, & headed out to meet up with more friends. Pretty much the core of our old Home Group... TONS of laughing while playing some stupid game that is completely subject to the judge - and so there is really no rules at all!? LOL!? It's not that I am a sore loser.. honest, it's not... I got mad when the 'judge' wouldn't pick an obvious answer even if it wasn't mine... which - c'mon - with the cards I had - rarely was it mine anyway?! I did win one of the three rounds we played... Apples to Apples... Dust to dust I say! LOL!? And still - I wouldn't trade the laughter for anything... not even a Jelly cabinet! (That one's for you, Chuck!) That, and the now classic (if I do say so myself) Festering Wounds = Local Police TRUMP card! That's right... I said it! If only I would have held on to that Trailer Park card too... what was I thinking wasting that one on someone BESIDES Darcie?!

Anyway - tonight, Dave is at Kevin's. He is picking up some books and other things that are ours... he is playing pool with Kevin's Dad... he is finding another piece of closure and another wound yet unhealed... but, the fog is lifting!

Praise God... the fog is lifting!

Scrap On!


Elisa K said...

I love all your photos. The leaves look so lovely... You and your hubby look so cute. Hugs

Bucket said...

Kerry!!!! Gorgeous photos!

darcie said...

You are so oober talented at taking pictures! Love these, I wanna go up there again, it's been a really long time since we've gone.

Glad we got to visit with you guys & can't wait for you to cme this spring! :o)

Hope the day went well for Dave, I'm sure it was difficult going through things. I hope he was filled with happy memories of Kevin & that he has found a little more peace. Hugs!!

chuck said...

Ok, come on now, almost a whole week with no updates?! Step away from the christmas cards...

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

tee hee... how'd you know Darcie?! I will post an update soon... with photo's of - yep! - my Christmas cards! LOL!