Monday, November 19, 2007

Recent Layouts... and prayers answered!

Hey there...
Well - I was able to complete two layouts at my Thursday
night Crop and sort of pre-plan another two...
which meant that once I came home,
I had to set up so I could scrap on Friday as well!
So - yes - it is true... once again,
I am all caught up!
You saw the photo's last week...
here they are in their layouts!
LOVED this paper when I found it! So yummy! and I just got those Heidi Swapp foam diamond/argyle stamps! Too fun!

One of our new Scrapbook stores is selling Creative Cafe stuff... OMGoodness - I love it all!!!?

I am sure I will take some photo's this weekend
when the whole family is gathered together!
We'll be missing our newest edition, Brandon,
as he is serving in Iraq.
His first holiday as a married man,
and yet so far away from his bride,
and his home!
We are so thankful that there are people
like him who are willing to serve.
The blessing is that the newlyweds
are able to 'talk' online
nearly every day!
It is so not like it was back in the day!

Today is grocery shopping day...
I SHOULD have gone as soon as I dropped
off Kaye to school when it is still relatively quiet...
but no... we woke up to snow this morning
and I was just too cold and not caffeinated yet!
Trust me, I did everyone a favor! LOL!?
I am enjoying a gingerbread latte
and slowly warming up and waking up...
I will head out soon!

We are thanking God for answered prayers...
Most importantly this week we are thanking Him
that our beloved Chuck
is home and recovering from
an unexpected emergency surgery...
amazing how God can truly work
ALL things together for good!
We love you Darcie
and we are praying for you,
for Dan and the girls...
I am sure this Thanksgiving
will give you just a little more
to be thankful for!
Let us know if we can do anything!

I am off now to lurk around a few other blogs,
hit the grocery store,
and to cut up some unassembled cards
for the RAK I gave away!
(Karen.... e-mail me so I know
where to send your prize!)
I still need to finish up some other
(easier/quicker) cards to be ready
to send out in a week or two
- not to mention writing out our Christmas Letter...
(yes, I DO do one of those!)


ee said...

Hey there, the layouts look great! Thanks for all the prayers, I'm doing a little better each day. :o)

How's Jonah kitty doing? I'v een thinking about him & hoping he is well too.

chuck said...

hey, I'm bored...the couch thing is getting old fast, lol. You got an update for me???

Good talking o you the other day, miss ya!!