Tuesday, November 13, 2007

OK... I have stepped away from the Christmas Cards Chuck!


How did you know?! I suppose I mentioned that was what I was going to work on last time, huh!? Well - I think I finished about 22 Christmas slide Cards... yeah?! Um - it took me less time to do that last order of 100 cards!? LOL!? So - I think I am pretty much done with the slide cards and will choose an easier version for the REST of my Christmas card list. As I was assembling the Slide portion, I found myself really wanting to edit my list... it seems each year it gets a bit smaller than the year before?! Maybe I am just lazy... or maybe it really, sadly, IS becoming a lost tradition!? Do you all make or send Christmas cards!? How many do the 'family letter'? C'mon!? Fess up! (Let me know if you make cards, or send cards, and how many you send... at the end of the week I will draw a name and send you a little RAK!)

Oh... I was taking pictures of my Christmas cards (surprise, surprise) to post here... and I realized that I am pretty sure that SOMEHOW I did not blog about my lovely Anniversary gift!? How could this be?! So, I snapped away...
Yep - that is right! 15 years of wedded bliss scored me this:

But... it's not JUST the Monk Bobblehead doll... the dh knew enough to include a little jewelry... a little bling bling, if you will:

No joke!???!

I said, "Honey - 15 years... that is MINK not Monk?" In all honesty, we do not trade gifts on our Anniversaries, or even really at Christmas time either?! Usually just our birthdays. For our Anniversary, we normally go out to dinner, and then find a way to get a weekend out of town as well. That is our gift to each other... the gift of TIME... we like it that way! As far as Christmas goes, we do fill each others' stockings. Let me say, this tradition was a bit bumpy in the beginning... he was raised with fruit and nuts and socks in his stocking... while I was raised with lipsmackers, and perfume, and money!?!? Um - yeah... that first year or two I was pretty unimpressed with the whole orange-in-the-toe deal?! I don't even like oranges?! LOL!? Anyway - we do a Family/House gift and then the stockings for each other. This is not so hard for me, because ...well, (1) I cram GOOD gifts in the stockings, and (2) his birthday is the very next day! So - I still get to shop for him... Anyway - that is his disclaimer... we normally don't buy any GIFTS for anniversaries!?!! None!

So... most of you already know, our Anniversary this year was not celebrated... we were still in shock and grieving the sudden and senseless loss of our good friend Kevin. So - to have Dave pull out a gift... I was caught off guard... Now, keep in mind, he had to Order this... not only THAT, but he had to order it ONLINE! Now, if you knew my Honey - you would know what an act of love this was! LOL! It was meant to be a joke... we do love Monk and watch it together and so it was just supposed to be funny... but, as you can imagine, due to other circumstances, it just didn't go over as well as he had hoped! When I unwrapped it, I was thinking it was a real gift due to the fact that we had to cancel our trip... so I was not laughing so much in the beginning! However, Mr. Monk is now a part of our decor and, in case you can't really tell from the picture, the Bling Bling is a Bobblehead too! Oh, yes it is!!!

Well - he DID redeem himself... in that we DID eventually get to go away for our weekend... he made reservations at the first hotel we stayed in for our very first Anniversary and made reservations at our favorite restaurant too! PLUS... he bought me these items too:

...which I LOVE!!!

OK... now, on to those Christmas cards... here are some of them:
I am excited to work on a few regular layouts featuring our time in Leavenworth, as well as our game night with Chuck and the gang! My Scrap group meets this Thursday and I actually have my own stuff to work on! Yay!

Hope you are all well! Don't forget to fill me in on the whole Christmas Card list... (I am trying to convince my dh that I am not the only one!?!) LOL!

Scrap Happy!


darcie said...

Oh my gosh, you are so crazy making all those slide cards!! They are pretty impressive but I am waaaay to impatient to do something like that, lol.

My cards? I think I have done a couple "photo cards", I used to make close to 100 handmade cards, but the more children I added to our home that shorter that list got. ;o) Now I pretty much buy cards & sign our names-no letter, sometimes if you're lucky you'll get a photo inside. I do still hand make a few if I can do it without making myself crazier, and it's a pretty elite list of pople that get those in the mail. :o) Last year na made a bunch of cards & then changed her mind and bucket & I ended up splitting them, so I may use them this year-thanks na! :op Still no letter though, I'm just too dang lazy to do that too.

Love your presents, lol!!! I saw cheech & chong action figuers in the tattoo shop last week, I want those! :o) Too funny for my scrap room. Really, the birdie stuff is very pretty, and fit's in beautifully in your house. :o)

Ok, I am off to na's VERY belated birthday dinner. I'm sure I'll have more comments soon?!

weebles said...

these are absolutely beautiful..
and inspiring..

:) Monique

Marci Knecht said...

Fabulous cards, I love them. You have to explain the significance of the Monk Bobblehead. My DH and I are killing ourselves laughing.

Snichols said...

WOW, great cards!! I've seen these before but would have no idea no how to make them!!

Great JOB!!!

karensneedle said...

these cards are just wonderful and very beautiful.
I am new to the card making world and just love it, I am going to make special cards for my family this year and maybe a few friends and hope to get more done next year.

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Karen, YOU WIN! YOU WIN! You can e-mail me or PM via the IAAS site to get me your mailing address and I will ship off supplies to make these Christmas cards along with instructions...