Friday, January 11, 2008

Baby Steps to Stay On Course...

Yes... it is true... Just Like "Bob" I am taking Baby Steps and trying to overcome my own obstacles to a better me! I also started carrying a fish around my neck... it is sort of like constant companionship and like lifting weights at the same time... except that the jar leaks all over me every time I bend over to pick something up! OK - not really on that last part... there's no fish! That is just Bob all on his own!?? but I am taking Baby Steps to achieve my goals!

This has been a good week! We are still waiting for my Honey to pass the Kidney stone... he has only had one before this - and it was horrendous and it passed I think in just a few days... but it is hard to say because as much or more than the kidney stone - he suffered from the violent allergic reaction to the vicodin... oh yeah - broken blood vessels and all! Nice!? So - this time while it seems as though it is taking longer... this is better... if you can really say 'better' when it comes to passing a kidney stone?! I am thinking that you can't - but you know what I mean! Monday, Wednesday , and Friday (today) - after dropping my wonderful daughter off at school - I came home, and plugged in my MP3 player and went on a nice long walk with Millie! We walked a good 3 miles each day... I had plans of taking shorter less strenuous walks with her Tuesday and Thursday - but my habit got in the way...

Yep - I have developed a "habit" if you will... you see, Tuesdays are now known as Creative Cafe Tuesdays and often require... (yes, I said require!?) me to spend some time at Bella's Scrapbooking. Each week there is a different fun little project to work on. The price varies but is always reasonable and I have really loved each one I have done... check out the blog here: (Just so you know... I was already working on my Frap altering when they posted theirs... but that is just another reason why I love to spend time there... it's like a mind meld! LOL!) Anyway - after my prayer meeting on Tuesday I had planned on stopping in (real quick like) to make my little notepad and then head on home to get to work on those Valentine's for my Etsy store... however, I was distracted and lured in to spend hours there pawning over the new Kiss & Tell line... and other yummy Valentine products! Oh my!? How I miss those days of classroom parties, homemade Valentines, and cupcakes... oh wait... two out of three ain't... Oh no, wait... it's just ONE out of three... that is not so good?! Anyway - I ended up spending the whole afternoon there, making that fetching Creative Cafe Notepad, yes - but also pulling some fun stuff to put a mini-tin together! Then - on Thursday - I spent the whole day crafting cards and that sweet little mini! The Mini I think is going to be a Kit of the Month at the store for February - so I am holding off on posting photo's of it here... at least for a bit... so fun! Let me tell you - it's great! It's a gift for my daughter and she will love it!

I have also been keeping a Food Journal... it's amazing how simply writing down what you eat can alter that late night snacking?! So far... I have managed to actually eat breakfast each day (which is HUGE for me) and not had any after dinner snacks... the one day that I messed up and made a few poor choices, I had been out all day and didn't have lunch until I was starving... (yes - it was Creative Cafe Tuesday... what's your point?!) I learned my lesson though... I could clearly see that I need to plan my meals and time it better so I am not tempted to skip it all together - because that is when I blow it!?! Good to know, people! Good to know!

So - without further ado... here are a few samples of the non-traditional contemporary Love Note cards that I have been working on this week:

Oh yeah... and I had fun with these little Origami Valentine's Boxes, too...

So fun!

Next week I have my Scrapbook group and I will actually have photo's to scrap! Yay! And next Friday through Monday my daughter will be going to her first ever church camp! She never had any interest in going before - but now that she is in youth group - well - she had to come up with 1/2 of the money - which is still quite a bit... and she managed to do it so I know she is really wanting to go! I just recently clued in to the fact that that means we will have 4 days all on our own! Now, if only Dave can pass that stone and we can do something fun while she is gone!?

Go Seahawks!
Scrap Happy!


darcie said...

cute stuff!! I had to go see the store blog too, looks like she's got some fun stuff. :o) Are you going to be teaching any classes there or anything?

Sounds like the walking is going great, I want to try & get to my little gym (in the sudivision) too, need to fit in the suit I bought, lol!

I'm headed to the mall with Chloe tonight (stuff to return-not more shopping, lol)...pray for me! :op

Corinna said...

As always super cute stuff!

Good for you to keep a food journal! I need to do that too.

We have started dancing in our basement three times a week. The whole family. The kids love it, well... Gabby loves it. Dustyn loves it too, but he is too cool to admit it.

Keep up the good work. All around!

chuck said...

How's the fish?


Julie said...

thank you so much for referencing us on your blog Karrilee! We are very appreciative and happy you are enjoying our Creative Cafe Tuesdays as much as we are. Thank you for all of your work on the Project of the Month! We are very excited to have it in Bella!