Thursday, January 17, 2008

Scrap Happy tonight...

Aaah yes - it is the day... I host the Scrap Happy Crop at church tonight... we meet once a month (on the 3rd Thursday) and have 3 hours or so set aside to scrap, crop, plan, craft, create, and of course chat!!! I know it is annoying - but normally I am looking for something to do... or at least have had to really hold myself back in order to save some stuff... but this month I have been busy starting up my Etsy store and doing a few other projects! That means that not only do I have actual photo's to scrap - but I have not had time to preplan the layouts... so I have my dd's Dance Team competition to scrap (2pg LO) and then way too many Christmas photo's that I need to cut down to a doable 4 pages... (2 for Christmas Eve, and 2 for Christmas Day!). That is gonna be a challenge?! I have my papers set aside, but that is all. So - I really should be focusing on that right now, instead of this blog! I hate it when you go to a crop and have forgotten something crucial to the spread!?

I have been able to stay on track with my dates with Millie... she was feeling a bit bossy yesterday as I had made plans early and wanted to be done with her and all cooled off before my company arrived! I kept threatening her that I was going to leave her to finish that third mile on her own... but we managed to squeeze it all in and I still had plenty of time to cool down! I know that if I can just keep this Food Journal going - I will find freedom... I can see that already I could talk myself out of keeping up with it! LOL! Who wants to write down 1/2 of a miniature Crunch Caramel candy bar? I mean... does it really count?! I did good... and it was only HALF!? Still... I know I can not start skipping... because then I will start (or continue?!) sneaking!? LOL!? As if I won't know!? I know - it is crazy!? Still... so far, I feel like I am doing great - all things considered!

And by 'all things' - this includes my husband who has no trouble with metabolism and decides nearly EVERY NIGHT that around 9:30 or 10... he wants popcorn, or chips, or ice cream... yeah?! Nice... like I am going to have any of that and have to write it down?! I have only given in to after 8pm snacks one time since the 1st of the year... I realize this is only January 17th... but I am talking EVERY stinkin' NIGHT!? Yeah... I love him... but sometimes he makes me think bad words! tee hee!?

I have been trying to think of ways to cut back on the cost of the Kit of the Month that I designed... the kit is always $5.00 and I honestly thought I was right in there... but it turned out to be closer to $6.00 So... I need wisdom and creativity in figuring out how to cut the cost without cutting too much actual supplies?!

My precious daughter is leaving tomorrow morning for her first ever camp. She has NEVER gone!? Never showed any interest - whether regular camp or church camp... but this year she wanted it bad enough to raise 1/2 the cost herself! They are traveling to Sun River for 4 days... I am praying that she has a blast... safe travel and a strengthening of friendships, as well as a powerful encounter with God of course! I can't wait to hear all about it! I am blessed in that she still does tell me everything... I may have to wait a couple of days for the WHOLE story to come out... but if I am patient, she fills in with all the details soon enough!

So - I think that over the long (kid-free) weekend, I am going out with a couple of girlfriends for a Girls Night Out... and I am hoping to get some more Scrapping done as well as listing a few more things on Etsy! Darcie - I am praying for you and have you on the Chain... keep us posted! I am off to preplan my pages... you know I will pack all the stuff for all 6 pages and not have near enough time to finish them all!? I seem to go WAY slower on layouts when they are my own... I don't know if I lose the mojo after a clients' job, or if I simply can afford to slow down and really think things through... still - I try not to get too bogged down on one layout... I know people who spend days and days thinking about a layout...?! Wow?! I just don't have that kind of time?!!!

Scrap Happy!


darcie said...

Have fun scrapping tonight-you actually have stuff to work on even?! Maybe you could get Bella to "sponsor" you kit by giving a discount or donation for supplies?

Nice work keeping up on the treadmill! And Dave tempting you-not fair! I am just as bad as him though, I really need to stop the late night munching too. I like to snack around 10pm-TERRIBLE!!

Hope Kaye has fun at camp, sounds like a blast. Robbin told me she was helping Holly earn her part of the money to go too, sweet. :o)

Thanks for the prayers, I'm hoping to hear something by Tuesday & will keep ya posted.

We have a four day weekend, so Chloe is having a friend spend the night tonight so I'm off to get ready for that fun, lol. At least I can get her to do some extra chores for the privlege of having someone over!?

AnneMarie said...

hope you had a good time at your crop!!! if you want more inspiration for your scrapbooking.. and just want more crop time come to my blog and follow the link to an online crop... should be lots of fun!

na said...

OK, how can I leave the statement, "I am looking for something to do", ALONE?!?! I just want to be you for a day, K?

P.S. For the record, I am the worst at after dinner snacking. I almost always want something sweet or salty like ice cream or popcorn! BAD! I know!!!