Sunday, January 27, 2008

Crops, Colds, & Kits...

Yes... I did fight the temptation to change that "Kits" to "Cits" just so I would have 3 C's... but that seemed to be a bit confusing... so I thought of changing the C's to K's... but I refrained! (Kinda... but maybe kinda not since I just told ya'll?!) Anywho... last week was crazy... I was fighting off a cold most of the week and it was just sort of off center - I can't think of what all we did but it seems like it was really busy!?

I was able to go pick up my precious around 7:30 at night on Monday... remember she was going to call me every day and yet didn't manage to do that... I did check and her phone was in fact down to less than 2 minutes - so I can't blame her for not using it THEN... and she did tell her Dad that she was going to call her friend from school (the one that they just had all the drama with) while she was gone... so that is where her minutes disappeared to. Still - you know I had to take the phone away! She didn't even miss it! I will give it back to her in a bit... when I am the one wanting her to have her phone. Anyway - she had a BLAST at Camp... she was talking before we even got into the car and didn't stop until she finally nodded off hours later! PLUS -bonus - she didn't come home with TOO many new scars and she wasn't officially 'broken'? LOL! Yeah - this is a huge plus... she 'fell through' some snow and the ice on top sort of cut up her leg a bit... and apparently this happened when the three girls were walking and got lost on their own!? Yeah... !?!? I guess the only rule was that they had to go out in groups of three or more?! OK... I know that they are all almost 13 or older... but it's not like they had the whole village to themselves?! I just didn't like that part... but overall it was a great trip! She has been in the Word and in her Devotions and in prayer... she is taking notes and rereading her notes from camp... it was SO worth the investment, I tell ya!

Tuesday was back to the ol' routine... I had Prayer and then I went to make this super cute Recipe Book for the Creative Cafe project:

So fun! I also bought these fun little gems:

Can't WAIT to use them!

Wednesday is foggy and I can't know what happened?! LOL!? I am pretty sure it included grocery shopping and laundry... which explains a lot?!

Thursday I had a coffee date with a friend... she went to North Carolina before Christmas and brought all her pictures and we got to relive her trip and visit... that was great!

Friday I spent most of the day on this new website called Has anyone heard about this site?! It is set up to help inspire and motivate in having a healthy lifestyle... It's overwhelming... and awesome... if you check it out, and decide to play... let me know!

I managed to stay somewhat 'responsible' with my dates with Millie and keeping that bossy Food Journal... it IS helping... OH - and I watched a TON of Australian Open... which meant staying up until the wee hours of the night... Ooooooohhhh - THAT is what happened to my week!? Great Tennis though! Friday I watched the women's Championship... and had dinner... and packed up a bit for a Crop on Saturday... and we watched Monk and Psyche... yeah... I know - that is almost what we do EVERY Friday night?! But... it's a family night and we love it!
Saturday we relaxed in the morning and then around Noon - in the snow - Kaye and I headed out to the Crop... she only brought stuff to work on cards... which translates into she didn't bring anything but planned on using all my stuff... (Oh yea - well - she HAS pictures to scrap... so you know that was bothering me that she didn't BRING THEM!?!?!) Whatever... I was just glad she wanted to come and hang with me... We had fun... here we are:
and my friend, (one of Kaye's favorites!) Renee:

I only had my Title and End Pages to work on and my 2007 Album is now complete:

Then, I moved on to work on a Frame Mini Album... I bought a bunch of these and have removed the original stupid pages and am making my own custom pages instead! Work, work, work to add to Etsy!

So... I have some more cards to work on soon... I have too many Valentine's projects in mind but it is getting late to list them on Etsy unless I really focus on that Monday and Tuesday and get it listed right away... which is the plan! (AFTER my Stampin' Up! Party tomorrow, that is!)

Oh... and here is a sneak preview of the Kit of the Month at Bella's for February:

(That Kit will be for sale at the Store throughout February for $5!!!)
Scrap On!


na said...

OK, there is soooo much to comment on I don't think I will remember everything I want to say, but I'll try...

That family album is ADORABLE! I love the cover and that last page! How many pages do you normally put in your yearly albums? Do you separate them by months or do you just do the pages that you want or is there some sort of formula you use?

The recipe book is SUPER CUTE TOO! Wow are on fire!

What kind of a healthy lifestyle? I will check that site out...I am trying to eat more fruits and vegetables every day. It's hard. :)

My husband was also watching the Austrialian Open and I told him I didn't even know he watched that! The boy loves all sports but tennis is one of his favorites!

And, I agree, the three k's would have been just wrong! LOL.

Corinna said...

LOVE your stuff... as always!

Thanks for thinking about me. Super sweet of you.

Shelly said...

Wow! I just found your blog! I wish I was atleast 20% as talented as you are! Woweee! Awesome blog!