Monday, January 21, 2008

Welcome Back, MoJo!!!

Ah yes... I have had a very productive, relaxing, creative, romantic, fun kid-free weekend (and now I am so ready for my kid to come home!!!)
Thursday night we had a smaller turn out than usual... but the MoJo showed up and came through... no, I didn't get all 6 layouts done... but I did do these 4:

I did had 10 LOs pre-planned and packed up... you know, just in case?! LOL!? Still - it was a fun night and I was happy with the layouts! I came home and spent some time with Kaye before she finished packing and headed to bed in an attempt to actually sleep the night before Camp!?
Oh - as I was taking photo's of these Layouts I realized I didn't share last months Bunko Win:

Anyway, on Friday morning Kaye & I had a bit more time together... she was getting ready to pick up her luggage and I wondered if she was even going to be able to carry it herself... when I saw the visual of her standing there with the biggest suitcase we own, AND two purses, and a backpack... well - she asked if she looked like a spoiled only child - and the visual along with that question made me literally laugh out loud... as in, I couldn't really stop! Which brought her comment of how I am the meanest Mom ever... which she always says laughing... I SO wanted to take a photo of her and share it here... but when I asked - well, you can just imagine the look I got! So - she repacked and downsized and we managed to get to church on time! She even 'let' me get out of the car and walk her to the bus. She called me twice on Friday... once from the bus and once when they arrived... she said she would be calling me everyday... that was the last time I heard her voice! Yeah... well - she text-ed (is that a word?!) me from another gals phone saying that she was almost out of minutes... hmmm!? I think this is FASCINATING as she boarded the bus and had at least 15 minutes on her phone!? And as she got on the bus - I told her no texting. We talked for maybe a total of 5 minutes on Friday... so theoretically she should have 10 minutes left?! I will have to calm myself and not start with this topic! LOL! (If I want to hear about the whole trip... I will have to save this little Busted moment of hand over your cell phone confrontation until AFTER I have all the details from the trip! OK - I can even give her the benefit of the doubt... she either (1) talked and/or text(ed?) while on her trip when she was not supposed to... or (2) she is afraid of losing her phone number and is paranoid of running out of minutes... so text me?! Either way - I believe she is losing her cell for awhile... oh yeah - she loaded up 200 minutes on her phone after Christmas... right... ?! She is 12?! So not necessary! She is not playing any sports or anything and it is just not proving her responsible. Still - truly - I hope she had a blast at Camp! LOL! Friday afternoon - I spent some time at Bella's using the Die Cut machine for the February Kit... I will post samples of the kit later this week! It turns out we didn't really need to 'cut' anything - I had just not calculated the correct measurements of papers... yeah!

Friday night, Dave and I went out to eat (El Porton... Yummy!) Yeah... that means that not only did I (gasp?) skip my date with Millie but I also consumed MANY MUCH Chips and Salsa!? sigh... well - I am back on track now - but it was a eating out kind of weekend?!! So - we ran into some good friends and they stopped in for a few after dinner and then we watched Monk and Psych... yeah... we are wild and crazy guys...?! Either that - or we are almost middle aged?! (Gasp!?... and by 'we' I mean Dave! LOL!)
Saturday we relaxed in the morning and then Robbin and I stole Marley and took her out to lunch and to see 27 Dresses (SOOooooo GOOD!!!!). Dave and Greg went to see I Am Legend. We visited with the Parsleys and Borlands for a few and then we rented Oceans Thirteen and a movie I am going to watch in just a few minutes (Saving Sarah Cain). Oh - yeah - AND Saturday morning I had been sort of stalking IAAS because it was down to the last few words for the monthly Bingo game and I was still one away... let me say - I am almost ALWAYS one away for days and end up not winning... so I was said when I had to leave and no words had been listed for the day yet... well - after all my running around I came home and first thing checked the site... and I had Bingo and no one else had claimed it yet - so Yay! I won Bingo!!! Too fun! Can't wait to see what the Prize pack is!
Sunday we had church and then I managed to scrapbook as we watched the freezing cold football game... Now - I just have to make a Title Page, and maybe a New Years Eve/Last Page and I am 0 yes, you know what I am ... I am all caught up!? If it is any consolation, I am needing to get busy on more items for my Etsy shop... so it's not like I have nothing to do! Anyway - here is what I accomplished during the game:

Yeah... as you can tell - I am not so much a Football fan!? LOL!? So, today I actually slept in... never actually do that! I did get myself back on track with Millie... she missed me and yet made me pay for my carefree weekend, let me tell ya! ...and now, I am off to watch my movie and drink some tea... not feeling all the way 'right' today - just a bit more tired than I should be! I have learned to pay attention to my body - and when I am feeling a bit dragged down -I need to give myself the time to nap and rest a bit...

Tomorrow is back to school (and early mornings) for Kaye... prayer meeting in the morning and then, yep - you guessed it - it's Creative Cafe Tuesday! tee hee!
Hope you are all enjoying your MLK day...
Scrap Happy!


Corinna said...

WOW... hello mojo! You have definately got it back. Rockin girl!

Gorgeous work. As always.

na said...

1. LOVE the layouts...they are very, very cute! At first I thought those last ones had some sort of "wheel" to them and then I realized that was your table you were snapping the layout photos on! Hee Hee.

2. You know what, I am half way finished with 2005, x4 albums and by golly goodness I am going to get caught up before this year is over!!!!

3. I always crack up when I see all those middle schoolers with phones! What could be so earth shattering that they can't just either a) talk at school or after school, um, in person...or, b) talk on the "land line". I am holding out on the phone thing for as long as humanly possible!!!

4. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!