Friday, March 21, 2008

All caught up... and what do you know?! ...A custom order?!

Yes way!!!

It's true... I am now unofficially all caught up! I say 'unofficially' because my last 2page layout (Brian Regan Live) is laid out - but not glued down... so give me ten minutes tomorrow, and we are all done, baby!!!

I made several layouts last night at my Scrap Happy link at church and we all had a great time visiting and just being together (aka out of the house with no kids?!) Here is what I accomplished last night...

I got a custom order for about 40 cards... all different... and some photo cards as well! Yay! So - I will be busy for a bit... (well, you know me... at least for a few days?!) tee hee!

I am feeling better and have gotten back to my normal workout routine... I met up with one of my very best friends from Junior High and High School... we reconnected ten years ago when she was in town for our ten year high school reunion... (shut up - I can do that math and I know what that means?!) Then we lost touch again and thanks to Darcie, I signed up at Facebook and immediately found her again!

What fun we had today catching up and reminiscing and laughing at our memories (and lack thereof)... talking about growing up and getting our priorities in order and how some never do outgrow those high school games!? Anyway - thanks Darcie... if it wasn't for you - there is no way I would have logged on to Facebook! Annette, MaryAnn, and I were pretty much connected at the hips and we did everything together in high school... too weird?! We met at her parents house today so her little daughter would be able to play and be entertained... it was such a blast from the past pulling up in her driveway, visiting at the house, & checkin' out the old bedroom! Then, driving home, I took the backroad that took me to MaryAnn's folks' old home... so weird?!

Anyway - today is Good Friday... so important to stop and really remember and reflect on what that means! Tonight Kaye is having one of her great friends spend the night and we are planning on watching a portion of The Matthew Movie (The Good Friday part... through the BEST part!) and then we'll take Communion together... Here is a link to a great song by Brad Paisley and Sara Evans... perfect and powerful for today - well - any day but especially today! Check it out and have a BLESSED Easter weekend!

Scrap Happy!


darcie said...

Happy Easter Karri!

oh, I will be back with more comments son, I promise. :o)

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Why not just comment now, Darc'?

Oh - and why are you calling me 'son'!? LOL!??


chuck said...

LOL, my computer does not like the letter O, it leaves it out all the time! :op And, I had to cme back because I was in the middle of cooking that easter dinner you read all about.

So glad you were able to reconnect with old friends, that's awesome!! I have only really found friends I already knew how to contact, and the others? Well, it's probably best if we didn't reconnect, LOL.

Love the layouts, you are on fire! Congrats on the custom order too, maybe that will keep ya busy for a while again?! How's the etsy shop going, I saw some cute stuff in there, I hope you are getting a few sales at least. :o) I've managed to do one layout in the last week, now I just need to add the journaling, but as usual I'm not sure what I want to say. Oh well, I'll figure something out soon I suppose. :o)

We're on spring break this week, and expecting rain every day-yippeee. I'm hoping to get my kitchen painted red & the stairwell wall painted blue. I took the before pictures, now I just need to step away from the computer & get busy! :op