Monday, March 31, 2008

Cards, cards, and more cards... Oh and sleeping in & our Wii introduction!

Aaahh - nice!!!

Kaye has had Holly over since Saturday and that means some serious sleeping in today - the first official day of Spring Break!!! The girls are actually STILL downstairs - but I hear movement now?! LOL?!

I have been busy over the weekend making some of those custom cards to fill my latest order... the hardest part is giving them away (well - selling them, I know?!) once you are on a roll because I start to really love them! LOL! It 's the same with the layouts too - but at least with them - I am using the clients photo's - so the temptation to keep them is not there! (OK - except for a couple of those Italy LOs! LOL!) Anyway - I think I am over halfway done now... I will get to work this afternoon I think and finish up! Gotta get paid for Spring Break money!!! Here are a few of the cards I made:

This means that I got to watch Pride and Prejudice (the theater version)... aaahhh - so nice! When Mr. Darcy is walking towards Elizabeth at the end... oh my! That is nice!!! LOL! I also started watching the luxurious 5 hour version, so maybe I can get back to that when I am finishing this project!? However, I have actual errands to run today which include the ever excruciating Grocery store, the Library, my date with Millie, and seeing how much longer I can keep Holly!? LOL!? THEN I will maybe be able to go downstairs and play (I mean work) some more!?

Yesterday at church we started a new Sunday school class - it is a marriage class/video with Mark Gungor... have any of you heard of him!? OH MY - he is HYSTERICAL!?!?!
Check out this video from YouTube:
(It's about a 10 minute clip - but it is so funny - and so right on!!!) Oh my gosh... seriously - this guy is too funny and what he says is so true and really vital information to help your marriage!

So far - we have just watched the first part of The Tale of Two Brains... but he also talked a tiny bit about sex...

You can watch that portion here:

Again - true and so funny! At one point, he drew a little anatomy picture! LOL! I was hoping to find THAT on YouTube! LOL! It was hysterical... He promised to keep it at least PG-13, so he began with the woman's heart... and then, several inches down - well, OK - I am gonna have to draw what he drew:

So - he went on to explain that to get to intimacy with women, you need to go through her Heart... ("Be nice to the girl!")... once she feels you have touched her heart, you can - well - you know... touch the place of happiness! But men, to get to intimacy, you go through the place of happiness to get to the heart. Of course, this is all in the boundaries of marriage... but in general, this is how men and women differ when it comes to sex... he is just so funny and has such a fresh (and honest) approach! It's gonna be a great class!

Last night, we went out with some good friends and had some coffee and visited while the girls were home hanging out together... we assumed that they were playing the Wii - because, well - if it is an option, why wouldn't you!? Now, neither Dave nor I had ever been exposed to this new phenomenon! So - when we got back from Starbucks, we plugged it in and proceeded to play tennis and bowling (mostly!?) for hours! Now - I have to say - I am so gonna need one of these!?!! Me?! I am so not a video gamer?! But I loved it - and mostly because it is finally something that I can BEAT DAVE at that is somewhat sports related?! LOL?! Right... !??!! It would never happen in real life - but in Wii Land... well - anything is apparently possible?!

I sold two sets of cards yesterday on Etsy too! Slowly, ever so slowly, my shop is taking off! I am off to make that dreaded grocery list and head out to run errands. I am FAIRLY certain that when I come home, I will NOT find a house surrounded by swat teams and assault weapons aimed at the neighbors... I can't be SURE... but - then again, I think it's safe... because I don't live in Boise!? LOL! Seriously Darcie?!??

Anyway - Scrap On!


na said...

1. Super cute cards!!!
2. Mr. Darcy is my absolute FAVORITE character and well, Colin Firth is the yummiest and most delicious EVER! LOVE fact, his "Mr. Darcy" being "recreated" in Bridget Jone's Diary is the reason our dog is named Bridget. Larry and I actually sat down and watched that VERY LONG movie...the book is better but you cannot beat Mr. Darcy!!!
3. I love that...the place of happiness...LOL...that never changes!
4. The Wii...ah, yes, we are hooked too and I am so totally NOT a video game fan AT ALL. However, unlike you, my husband still kicks my ass and if I happen to reach the fitness age under 23 he is OBLIGATED to do better, and always does, damn him.

darcie said...

Yeah, my town is special, lol. You know, if you do come visit me I have a wii too...although I have only played it ONE time, one new years.
I will have to look into his stuff...the place of happiness, LOL!
Now you can update before I leave town, the clock is ticking! :o)

Trish said...

love your cards!