Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break is around the Corner...

Ah yes - it is true... Kaye has 1/2 days today and tomorrow and then we are officially entering Spring Break. We have no exciting plans this year... we may head to my sisters for a day or two... but that is still up in the air... I am looking forward to sleeping in a bit and maybe just hanging out together, watching a movie or two, talking, maybe a little bit of shopping squeezed in there... we'll see?! Oh - we are so super mean parents that we are actually considering FORCING our (tennis star) daughter to take a 3 day Tennis Camp the first three days... it's only in the afternoon and it will be with the high school Tennis Coach and a few star players... but she is not wanting to go? She is intimidated to think of playing tennis in high school for some reason and she is still apparently shy and not wanting to go since none of her friends are going to be there?! It's so hard, because we have this only child and we SO want her to be active... she quit soccer in the 3rd grade and Tennis is the only other sport that she has expressed interest in... and she just so happens to be incredibly good at it. So we are trying to find the fine line of supporting and encouraging her, and pushing her just a tad to try new things or step out of her comfort zone - but we don't want to cross the line and become 'those' parents, ya know!? So - what to do? We are still undecided?! sigh...

So - in the past week (or so)... I finished that last spread:

I went shopping for some super cute Easter Paper and made this adorable little Mini:

I have officially lost over 20 pounds since the end of January and I am P-R-A-Y-I-N-G that soon, oh so very soon, I will be able to finally buy a smaller size pair of jeans!!?! I have been wearing the same size since I had my nearly 13 year old daughter?! Yeesh!? So - yay... it is working! But it is the first of many 20's that I need to lose - so it is just one step!

For Easter this year, I scaled WAY back on the candy dish detail of my decorating... not even buying candy for the Easter Basket until Thursday! Oh - and the Easter Basket - first off just let me say that I SO MISS the good ol' days of filler... you know, the egg shaped sidewalk chalk, the Easter themed playing cards, the crayons and ponytail holders... something that would take up some room other than the candy filled eggs and chocolate bunnies?! Yeah - I miss that! Now the 'filler' is clothes, body wash, makeup, lotions and potions, music... etc.!? And as far as the Easter Basket itself... well - my girl is a firm believer in Tradition and she refuses... REFUSES I say, to let me buy or make her a new basket:

Yep - Darcie - that is the SAME basket... we made them for Kaye and Chloe's FIRST Easter ever... and every year - Kaye makes sure that I know to use THAT basket... (It doesn't hurt that it is HUGE?! LOL?!) It has been well loved. I told her it was breaking (It is, after all, a PAPER CRAFT?!) and she said that she intends to pass it down to her kids...?! Right... along with that plastic kitchen at the end of the stairs that we still have?! Whatever?! So - among the little candy that I actually bought, Kaye scored the new Stellar Kart CD, the new Carrie Underwood CD, some super cute Bermudas, some bath and body wash stuff, a shower cap (OK - that is totally Dollar Store filler! LOL!), a paper lantern for her room, a headband, and yes - a wee little bit of jellybeans and chocolate! I bought some Lemon Chocolate Kisses at Target... so good! Not as good as I anticipated though because I thought that they would be milk chocolate and lemon creme... but they are white chocolate and lemon... still good - but luckily for me - not as much of a temptation!

We had a great service at church and then went over to the in-laws for our annual Easter Egg Hunt and Dinner... Kaye is now old enough that she is the Official Hider and no longer a 'hunter'!? Luckily we still have two little ones who make it fun! The boys are so adorable:

And of course... My Kaye:

We had a traditional Ham and Potatoes lunch/dinner and I ended up weighing and measuring all my food... skipping some options and making sure I had room 'left over' to enjoy a Reese's Peanut Butter Egg at the end of the night!!! Oh - within the first two minutes of the Hunt - my camera died... just the batteries but still - no replacements on hand... so I got all that pretty paper and I have only a few shots?! PLUS we completely forgot to take the annual Family Shot with everyone together...?! Sigh?! Oh well.. Easter was early - it was cold - nothing was in bloom?! LOL!? There's always next year, right?!

I have not yet begun work on the card order?! I know... I know... I will get it done super fast once I start which will hopefully be tomorrow!? Kaye has 1/2 day and then we need to buy our Carrie Underwood tickets... and then she is going to a friends for a sleep over... and THEN I should maybe be able to get to work! Dave has a gig on Saturday night and that will be nice... I will eat first and so I won't need to monitor the menu options too much. I am learning and one day I trust that this will be second nature!

If Kaye does do Tennis, then we will head to my sisters next Thursday... if she doesn't, we may go earlier!? We'll see?! It's kind of nice to have an entire week that is pretty much Wide Open!!!
It feels rather luxurious?! LOL!?

Scrap On, People!


darcie said...

A whole open week?! That's like enought time to drive to Boise with another good friend, LOL!?!? Come on, you & Robbin could SO drive over here & visit me!!! It would be a ton-o-fun, you know it! ;o)

Looks like you had a nice, relaxing easter, I can't believe she's still using that basket, I remember when you showed me how t make them & we did it together. They were super cute! I now have wood baskets that I decorated with grosgrain rinnon & have used thse for about the last 6 years, since Ashlyn was born anyway. They have held up much better than the paper, lol.

Congrats on the 20+ pounds, that is AWESOME!!!! I am not losing any, but I haven't really tried either-think that may be the problem? :op

See my blog tommorow for all the lastest excitement! You wont believe my news (and NO Im not pg!!!).

chuck said...

I see a flock of moosen in those bushes I think! :op

Where's YOUR update???

darcie said...

Ok, I have offically updated, now you can too, lol. :op

darcie said...


I am STILL waiting!?!? You are possibly worse than me, lol....

Get in car,
drive to Boise,
have fun with friend!