Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back from Boise...

OK - so I totally know that I have sort of dropped the ball on the blogging deal... I am blaming it on summer. Why not?! It COULD be true?! Basically - I have just been busy and have also been trying to be on this computer LESS now that my dd is home with me. I am fully aware that my days spent lounging around with her are limited... she is, after all - officially a teenager and whether I remain 'cool' throughout her teen years or not, either way - there will come a day when she will have a job, or move away, or (gasp?) not want to hang with me so much?! So - I am paying closer attention to opportunities to spend with her... and that my friend, sadly effects you - my blog reader?! LOL!? Just call me Bucket, I guess?! At least I am not as bad as Kori?! tee hee?!

So... last time I blogged it was the last day of school and we had yet to have the Family Reunion... our daughter did in fact punk it up a bit just for fun- but much to her dismay - the only person who noticed was Grandma - and all she noticed was that Kaye was wearing make-up?! (Which - she HAS been wearing for some time now?! LOL?!) We had a great time actually - no awkwardness or anything... well - except when my husband casually invited one of his cousins and her whole family to 'stop by' and see our house? OK - um - we have been married for almost 16 years and no one has EVER been invited over... there is always so much going on - and it is always either at his parents' house or at their church... I had the pesky little thought that maybe I should clean my house (as it had been over a week since I really had done much of anything) on that Friday... but I was sitting outside in the sun, reading my book and enjoying my new patio furniture and I just thought "Well - that can't be God - his family has NEVER come by here?!" Yeah - um - it was God?! So - I (think I) maintained calmness until we got into our car to leave... it was after 11 and the next day was Saturday - which meant I had to cook and make a huge salad all morning - and get ready myself ... all of that was planned for and time had been allotted - but what I HADN'T planned for was the frenzied cleaning and picking up - not just upstairs - but EVERYWHERE - because they would want the tour!? Now - honestly - if I had any sort of relationship with these people - I wouldn't have cared. I mean - I am fairly laid back, and while the house DID need a bit of attention, it's never really THAT bad?! Still - I was feeling MIGHTY pms-y and HE seemed annoyed with ME because I wouldn't sit outside on the patio furniture with him in the morning to enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee?! Um... no!? I did that YESTERDAY which is why I am now running around trying to pick up and boil noodles and tear romaine, and put on make-up and (OH CRAP!?) clean up my scrap area?! LOL!? Dave DID clue in and even though the chaos made no sense to him, he did really pitch in with the salad and helped me out! Whew?! I was actually ready when we were supposed to be ready... um - and no - the family never did come by! At least not on Saturday - when I was ready for them?! No - instead, he invites them over AGAIN on Sunday after lunch... whatever!? SATURDAY - all the beds were made and the dishes put away - but on Sunday!? Forget it?! LOL?! Still - they did stop by and they were gracious and nice and we had a good visit! Which - of course, proved his point that I didn't need to stress in the first place?! Overall though - the Reunion was a success! Kaye really hit it off with a couple of the girls that are a bit older than her... and of course, we got a TON of photo's!!! I'm thinking I may to a digi book of the Reunion via Shutterfly... would be a good gift for Dave's Mom maybe?! We'll see?!

So - after THAT... I had a great little lunch out with some girlfriends on my birthday last week - we went to The Taj - a super yummy authentic Indian food restaurant here in town! That is always fun! And then, of course, on Thursday we packed the car and headed to Boise! (Thanks, yet AGAIN, Chuck - for housing us and entertaining us for the weekend!) It was so fun to walk in to the house and find Na and Bucket there scrapping some rockin' (of not over-stamped) cards... no - can you really over-stamp something?! Well - even Na did that, back in the day! LOL! I managed to get two layouts done (WITH Journaling) and still haven't taken photo's of those yet... so that will have to wait! Pork stopped in to celebrate her birthday! Damn girl - you look GREAT for 45!!?! tee hee!
Friday instead of doing Bagels (again - sorry girls?) we relaxed and did very little!? LOL?! I think Dave and I went for a walk and used the workout room... and later we all went to the Pool...
... did we do anything else?! I can't remember?!
Oh yeah - I think you introduced me to this little game:

Saturday, of course - was the Market!
So fun... crowded - and the guys seemed to like to race right through it
- but it was still fun!

Kaye scored at Urban Outfitters... um - on shoes and jeans - nothing else... though it's hard to tell with that store?! Apparently you can score 365 different ways!? We ate at Johnny Macs which was an experience... we went to church and shopped int he bookstore there... and then BBQ'd at home... Darcie and I ran to a lss and looked around real quick... and on Sunday we went to the Mall - where Kaye scored some great deals AGAIN! THEN - we went to The Cheesecake Factory! YUM! I kept hearing Chuck talk about this place over and over... and had never been able to go... and so we worked it so it was a girls lunch date and that was cheaper - and we split an order of the (insert heavenly music here) Avocado Spring Rolls... OH MY GOODNESS?! These are INCREDIBLE!!! Darcie and I also split a pasta dish and we all four split a Raspberry Lemon Cream Cheesecake... yummy - and just enough! Next stop - Archivers. OK - so - I was (as everyone said I would be) a bit disappointed! It was not that impressive!? I am glad I went though... just so I can say I have seen it! I DID find the paper I want to use for my Lunch Box album there... but only ONE sheet?! I will have to have my lss order it in for me!? More waiting... and you KNOW how I love to wait?!!?

So - on Monday the boys went golfing EARLY and that left all the girls home to relax... Darcie and went out for a little bit... Where did we go, you ask?! Well since Chuck is so Ooober organized and on top of things - and I am so very important to her - she WAY made up for completely forgetting my birthday (which was the day before I came to visit her?! LOL!) ...aahh - but make up for it she did! She bought me this little beauty:
I have a hard time picking favorites - so I bought six scents to burn and so far, love them all! LOL! This matches my living room perfectly and is placed in a spot that really helps it to scent the whole house! I LOVE it! Thanks again Chuck! You should forget my birthday more often! So - by Monday afternoon - we were loaded back into the car and headed back for Yak!
Dave had an extra day off of work which was nice, and Kaye started Interns at church - which she LOVES... so - we are all settled back into home... it was great to go and spend time and get a mini vacation in... but it is always nice to come home too!
I have my crop night tonight - which I ordered prints from our Boise trip - but they have yet to arrive - so I have NOTHING to work on... I WAS going to work on cards... but another thing I was introduced to while in Boise was Mexican Train... and we are now addicted... Kayelyn and I play ALL the time and even now, it is set up on the dining room table so we can play! I told Kaye we could play it tonight at my scrap group! LOL?! gee... thanks Darc' more new addictions... Moscato AND Mexican train... nice!?!!


Denice said...

OMG, you do love to talk!!! I always enjoy reading your blog and looking at all of the pictures. You would almost think that I was stalking you, but I'm not this time....I'm on a mission....

TAG!!! You're it!

darcie said...

Hey, it's "Donnie Mac's" not Johnny, LOL! Glad we got to go the the cheesecake factory-I am gettin' that kids brunch next time!! Mmmmm, french toast....
Man, we packed in quite a bit of fun stuff-had a blast with you!!