Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer's Official Arrival...

Yes - it is true! Today was my daughters' last day of school... (and last day of Middle School!) She went in for TWO hours... basically to sign yearbooks the whole time... so tomorrow will be our first actual official, we-get-to-sleep-in, boy-I-hope-I-CAN, lay-around-the-house-in-our-jammy day! Now, you would think that the last day of school would have a gorgeous sunny sky, short wearing type of feel to it, wouldn't you? Well - not here... not today! We were featured in jeans and sweatshirts... it was SNOWING over the pass today?! Is this not JUNE in the freakin' DESERT!? Whatever... it's over... so that is good! I know I can't really complain when you think of the wacky weather that is wreaking havoc elsewhere in the States... a bit of a chinook wind in June is fine, really... I'll take that and stop whining! Yesterday, rather than go on the Field Trip for her entire 7th grade class to a close-by town to go swimming - she and two of her bff's skipped the trip - and all the drama - and stayed in town and swam at a friends house! It was low key and nice and required no sweaty bus trip out of town, no Plastic/Girl drama, and no boys! LOL! What's not to love?!

So, it's been pointed out to me that I have been MIA here for a bit... NINE days if you ask Chuck! I was sort of waiting for Kay to respond to winning the RAK but apparently she is busy making SWAP pages or something?! I have no real exciting stories to share or even many new projects really... just life stuff happening: wrapping up the school year, working in the garden, scrapping a little, getting the patio summer-ready...

Here are a few shots of the garden:

It's a small garden - but we have it packed full! We went out and bought some new patio furniture over the weekend... My Honey built the coffee table and we wanted some comfy stylish rod iron chairs to go with it... got rid of the big glass top table since we rarely ate at it - and we wanted a more casual conversation spot instead! I am happy with it and can see us really using this little space (and enjoying the garden) all the more now!

Here are a few samples of the finished project for the Ranch:

I did order and get those concert and birthday pictures and did some old school scrappin' with them... here are those Layouts:

I am still going strong with SparkPeople... I weigh in on Thursday but I am fairly confident I will have met my first major goal in weight loss! I think my reward will be a new tennis racket! I am still wanting to learn how to play! Well - I know the rules and love the game... but making my body obey my head is still an issue! LOL! I KNOW that I need to follow through with my swing - but seem to constantly stop as soon as the ball connects with the strings?! This, I know, lends itself to my - um - problems!? LOL! But still - even though I know it is in my head, I seem to think that if I get a nicer racket, instead of the old yard sale Chris Everet Wood racket, then my game will automatically improve!? I know it is probably not true, but the other benefit of getting a newer racket, is maybe I will actually USE it and get some lessons - or at least get out and practice what I know a bit more!? I need to set another 'short term' goal... I think I will set it at 25 pounds... and hopefully by then I will be ready for some new clothes! That will be my reward then, I think!

Anyway - this weekend is my husband's family reunion. I adore my immediate in-laws... I really do! I am blessed and get along great with his parents and all his siblings and their spouses and kids... and really, I also get along with most if not all of the others - but my first experience at one of these Family Reunions was not a good one... I am sure it didn't help that he comes from a long lineage of Christians and we were living together, unmarried and all... however, it was - let's just say - not a welcome committee that cornered me in the kitchen!? Anyway - we have come a long way since then - AND we've been married now for nearly 16 years! LOL! - but still, I get a bit anxious. I am sure it will be fine... it always is!? Our daughter is now old enough to realize that this is sort of a strange gathering... and, well - she is like my sister and is already planning her punk fashion statement just for the shock value and sheer joy of seeing the reactions?! LOL!? And - even though I know I probably SHOULD stop her... (and my hubby probably WILL), ya gotta love her spunk, man!

Kaye is signing up to do Interns at our church this summer. When she first said that she wanted to do this... I was not as excited as I should have been! The past several years it has cost a couple hundred dollars and they are in class from 8am-9pm 4 days a week - with a long lunch break in between that they need transportation to and from... all summer long!? Yes, I said EIGHT A. M. !?!?! ALL SUMMER LONG?! Now - I know that I am the Grown Up - and I should be encouraging her to step out and do this... but I just didn't have it in me... I didn't tell her she couldn't - but I did tell her she'd better pray and make sure she really wanted to do this! LOL! She prayed -and we found out a couple of days ago that the cost has gone WAY done (only $25) and it is only ONCE a week, from 1pm- 9pm... whew?! MUCH more doable!!! LOL! We get to sleep in (as if I am still able to 'sleep in' anymore anyway?!) The only glitch is that it is on the same day as her Tennis Lessons... we haven't talked with the coach to see if he plans to continue on through the summer or not... or if he is going to switch days... but hopefully it will all work out so she won't have to quit lessons completely!?

So - I am working on gathering some photo's that I have not yet scrapped to bring with me when I go to Boise... It would be nice to have SOMETHING to scrapbook with me when I go... it's hard for me to not do them once I have the photo's printed - so I am waiting to order them until later this week!? LOL!? (And then I will pray that they get here in time?!) Yeah - I know... I have a problem!

Until next time (which hopefully won't be another NINE days - but I promise nothing as it IS now summer break?!)

Scrap Happy!


darcie said...

I saw that owl on your page!

more later...

na said...

Love the photos from your yard!

Hope to see you when you are in town...when are you coming?!

chuck said...

Ok, you have been home for almost 24 hours now, and it's been 13 days since you updated-get to it, LOL!!!

ope the drive home went nice & quiet & you got a little nap in. :o)

chuck again said...

OMG-and THANK YOU for my adorable new bag (and paper) and the cool embrodiery stuff- so much funness!!!