Saturday, June 28, 2008


Yeah - um - thanks Denice?! LOL?! I suppose this is ONE way to get me to update more than once every week or two?! AND apparently - you think I use too many words or something - so these questions are conveniently rather cut and dry... or so one would think? LOL! Here goes:

What was I doing 10 years ago...
OK - you TOTALLY know I could go pull out my scrapbook from ten years ago and I could tell you almost to the day what I was doing - but I don't think that that is REALLY what you mean?! 10 years ago - let's see... my daughter was only 3 so we were in that fun stage of the Terrible Twos! Yeah - that's right... she went through them a little late. I was a stay at home Mom, living in the same house we live in now... my dh was working at the same place as well - we were attending a different church and super involved there... I'm sure I was sadly a tad bit religious - but praise God that is over now! I know I was probably just starting to get into stamping and card making... I know I was all caught up then too. Yeah - I know! Don't hate me because I'm Beauti... wait - ... you know what I mean!

Five things on today's to do list...
1. Read more of the library book that I am reading at the same time as my hubby... goal #1 - PASS his bookmark! (Sad - I know - but I must finish first for many reasons - mostly though it's because I am a poor book-sharer! LOL!)
2. Go see Matinee to avoid 100 degree heat... (saw Prince Caspian - which was pretty good!)
3. Make Custom Birthday card for customer and get ready to be shipped (turned out pretty sweet - even if I DO say so myself?!)
4. Watch Wimbledon (nice!) &
5. Update this blog thanks to Denice and her Tagging me! (Don't forget to actually go and read my Boise update with all the pix too though!)

Snacks I enjoy...
Right now I am LOVING the Special K Bliss bars - I LOVE the Orange choc and Rasp choc ones! Lovin' the Skinny Dippers (Choc Caramel) from Skinny Cow. Snap Peas and Sweet Red Peppers are yummy to snack on when I want something crunchy - and I am always in love with fresh pineapple, strawberries, and red grapes together! YUM! (When I am not being 'good' - Mint or Peanut Butter Oreos... or cheesecake... oooo- or now - those Avocado Spring Rolls! LOL?!)

Things I would do if I was a millionaire...
I would tell my husband to quit his job immediately and we would go to live in Italy for at least a few months... we would definitely travel... invest for our daughters education and future... buy a house maybe... a new Hybrid car... a new camera! LOL! ...definitely pray about where to give some serious chunks of money... put some away for Retirement as well... sadly - I am sure even with a Million Dollars - the money would go way faster than you would think?! (It always does, doesn't it?!)

Places I have lived...
Pretty much all within a 10-12 mile radius!? LOL! I was born and raised here and have never moved away from my hometown!?

I am SERIOUSLY resisting the urge to add more things to this Tag... it seems so... so... short?! LOL!?

Now it's my turn to tag some bloggers. Let me know when you've posted your answers so I can check them out.

Go ahead ladies, update and then tag someone else:

Oh I finally did get that pile of Boise Pix... so - hopefully this week I will be scrappin' happy getting all caught up again! I was happy to get a fun Custom Order for a b'day card via my Etsy store this afternoon - it was a rush job and that made for a nice little creative adrenaline tonight! I am off to unwind...
Scrap On!


chuck said...

Okay, I have complied, LOL.

Denice said...

Your Boise blog made up for the lack of words in this one - LOL!

Hey, if I spend my own million, can I visit you in Italy? I'll take you to dh's cousin's deli shop, fresh Italian have to try it!!!!!

Denise said...

You are too funny, Karrilee! I always get a lift when I read your posts! You really should blog more frequently just for us stalkers!

darcie said...

Ok whatever, leave me smack & still no update here?!?! You didn't really think I'd just let that slide by unnoticed did you???