Sunday, January 27, 2008

Crops, Colds, & Kits...

Yes... I did fight the temptation to change that "Kits" to "Cits" just so I would have 3 C's... but that seemed to be a bit confusing... so I thought of changing the C's to K's... but I refrained! (Kinda... but maybe kinda not since I just told ya'll?!) Anywho... last week was crazy... I was fighting off a cold most of the week and it was just sort of off center - I can't think of what all we did but it seems like it was really busy!?

I was able to go pick up my precious around 7:30 at night on Monday... remember she was going to call me every day and yet didn't manage to do that... I did check and her phone was in fact down to less than 2 minutes - so I can't blame her for not using it THEN... and she did tell her Dad that she was going to call her friend from school (the one that they just had all the drama with) while she was gone... so that is where her minutes disappeared to. Still - you know I had to take the phone away! She didn't even miss it! I will give it back to her in a bit... when I am the one wanting her to have her phone. Anyway - she had a BLAST at Camp... she was talking before we even got into the car and didn't stop until she finally nodded off hours later! PLUS -bonus - she didn't come home with TOO many new scars and she wasn't officially 'broken'? LOL! Yeah - this is a huge plus... she 'fell through' some snow and the ice on top sort of cut up her leg a bit... and apparently this happened when the three girls were walking and got lost on their own!? Yeah... !?!? I guess the only rule was that they had to go out in groups of three or more?! OK... I know that they are all almost 13 or older... but it's not like they had the whole village to themselves?! I just didn't like that part... but overall it was a great trip! She has been in the Word and in her Devotions and in prayer... she is taking notes and rereading her notes from camp... it was SO worth the investment, I tell ya!

Tuesday was back to the ol' routine... I had Prayer and then I went to make this super cute Recipe Book for the Creative Cafe project:

So fun! I also bought these fun little gems:

Can't WAIT to use them!

Wednesday is foggy and I can't know what happened?! LOL!? I am pretty sure it included grocery shopping and laundry... which explains a lot?!

Thursday I had a coffee date with a friend... she went to North Carolina before Christmas and brought all her pictures and we got to relive her trip and visit... that was great!

Friday I spent most of the day on this new website called Has anyone heard about this site?! It is set up to help inspire and motivate in having a healthy lifestyle... It's overwhelming... and awesome... if you check it out, and decide to play... let me know!

I managed to stay somewhat 'responsible' with my dates with Millie and keeping that bossy Food Journal... it IS helping... OH - and I watched a TON of Australian Open... which meant staying up until the wee hours of the night... Ooooooohhhh - THAT is what happened to my week!? Great Tennis though! Friday I watched the women's Championship... and had dinner... and packed up a bit for a Crop on Saturday... and we watched Monk and Psyche... yeah... I know - that is almost what we do EVERY Friday night?! But... it's a family night and we love it!
Saturday we relaxed in the morning and then around Noon - in the snow - Kaye and I headed out to the Crop... she only brought stuff to work on cards... which translates into she didn't bring anything but planned on using all my stuff... (Oh yea - well - she HAS pictures to scrap... so you know that was bothering me that she didn't BRING THEM!?!?!) Whatever... I was just glad she wanted to come and hang with me... We had fun... here we are:
and my friend, (one of Kaye's favorites!) Renee:

I only had my Title and End Pages to work on and my 2007 Album is now complete:

Then, I moved on to work on a Frame Mini Album... I bought a bunch of these and have removed the original stupid pages and am making my own custom pages instead! Work, work, work to add to Etsy!

So... I have some more cards to work on soon... I have too many Valentine's projects in mind but it is getting late to list them on Etsy unless I really focus on that Monday and Tuesday and get it listed right away... which is the plan! (AFTER my Stampin' Up! Party tomorrow, that is!)

Oh... and here is a sneak preview of the Kit of the Month at Bella's for February:

(That Kit will be for sale at the Store throughout February for $5!!!)
Scrap On!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Welcome Back, MoJo!!!

Ah yes... I have had a very productive, relaxing, creative, romantic, fun kid-free weekend (and now I am so ready for my kid to come home!!!)
Thursday night we had a smaller turn out than usual... but the MoJo showed up and came through... no, I didn't get all 6 layouts done... but I did do these 4:

I did had 10 LOs pre-planned and packed up... you know, just in case?! LOL!? Still - it was a fun night and I was happy with the layouts! I came home and spent some time with Kaye before she finished packing and headed to bed in an attempt to actually sleep the night before Camp!?
Oh - as I was taking photo's of these Layouts I realized I didn't share last months Bunko Win:

Anyway, on Friday morning Kaye & I had a bit more time together... she was getting ready to pick up her luggage and I wondered if she was even going to be able to carry it herself... when I saw the visual of her standing there with the biggest suitcase we own, AND two purses, and a backpack... well - she asked if she looked like a spoiled only child - and the visual along with that question made me literally laugh out loud... as in, I couldn't really stop! Which brought her comment of how I am the meanest Mom ever... which she always says laughing... I SO wanted to take a photo of her and share it here... but when I asked - well, you can just imagine the look I got! So - she repacked and downsized and we managed to get to church on time! She even 'let' me get out of the car and walk her to the bus. She called me twice on Friday... once from the bus and once when they arrived... she said she would be calling me everyday... that was the last time I heard her voice! Yeah... well - she text-ed (is that a word?!) me from another gals phone saying that she was almost out of minutes... hmmm!? I think this is FASCINATING as she boarded the bus and had at least 15 minutes on her phone!? And as she got on the bus - I told her no texting. We talked for maybe a total of 5 minutes on Friday... so theoretically she should have 10 minutes left?! I will have to calm myself and not start with this topic! LOL! (If I want to hear about the whole trip... I will have to save this little Busted moment of hand over your cell phone confrontation until AFTER I have all the details from the trip! OK - I can even give her the benefit of the doubt... she either (1) talked and/or text(ed?) while on her trip when she was not supposed to... or (2) she is afraid of losing her phone number and is paranoid of running out of minutes... so text me?! Either way - I believe she is losing her cell for awhile... oh yeah - she loaded up 200 minutes on her phone after Christmas... right... ?! She is 12?! So not necessary! She is not playing any sports or anything and it is just not proving her responsible. Still - truly - I hope she had a blast at Camp! LOL! Friday afternoon - I spent some time at Bella's using the Die Cut machine for the February Kit... I will post samples of the kit later this week! It turns out we didn't really need to 'cut' anything - I had just not calculated the correct measurements of papers... yeah!

Friday night, Dave and I went out to eat (El Porton... Yummy!) Yeah... that means that not only did I (gasp?) skip my date with Millie but I also consumed MANY MUCH Chips and Salsa!? sigh... well - I am back on track now - but it was a eating out kind of weekend?!! So - we ran into some good friends and they stopped in for a few after dinner and then we watched Monk and Psych... yeah... we are wild and crazy guys...?! Either that - or we are almost middle aged?! (Gasp!?... and by 'we' I mean Dave! LOL!)
Saturday we relaxed in the morning and then Robbin and I stole Marley and took her out to lunch and to see 27 Dresses (SOOooooo GOOD!!!!). Dave and Greg went to see I Am Legend. We visited with the Parsleys and Borlands for a few and then we rented Oceans Thirteen and a movie I am going to watch in just a few minutes (Saving Sarah Cain). Oh - yeah - AND Saturday morning I had been sort of stalking IAAS because it was down to the last few words for the monthly Bingo game and I was still one away... let me say - I am almost ALWAYS one away for days and end up not winning... so I was said when I had to leave and no words had been listed for the day yet... well - after all my running around I came home and first thing checked the site... and I had Bingo and no one else had claimed it yet - so Yay! I won Bingo!!! Too fun! Can't wait to see what the Prize pack is!
Sunday we had church and then I managed to scrapbook as we watched the freezing cold football game... Now - I just have to make a Title Page, and maybe a New Years Eve/Last Page and I am 0 yes, you know what I am ... I am all caught up!? If it is any consolation, I am needing to get busy on more items for my Etsy shop... so it's not like I have nothing to do! Anyway - here is what I accomplished during the game:

Yeah... as you can tell - I am not so much a Football fan!? LOL!? So, today I actually slept in... never actually do that! I did get myself back on track with Millie... she missed me and yet made me pay for my carefree weekend, let me tell ya! ...and now, I am off to watch my movie and drink some tea... not feeling all the way 'right' today - just a bit more tired than I should be! I have learned to pay attention to my body - and when I am feeling a bit dragged down -I need to give myself the time to nap and rest a bit...

Tomorrow is back to school (and early mornings) for Kaye... prayer meeting in the morning and then, yep - you guessed it - it's Creative Cafe Tuesday! tee hee!
Hope you are all enjoying your MLK day...
Scrap Happy!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Scrap Happy tonight...

Aaah yes - it is the day... I host the Scrap Happy Crop at church tonight... we meet once a month (on the 3rd Thursday) and have 3 hours or so set aside to scrap, crop, plan, craft, create, and of course chat!!! I know it is annoying - but normally I am looking for something to do... or at least have had to really hold myself back in order to save some stuff... but this month I have been busy starting up my Etsy store and doing a few other projects! That means that not only do I have actual photo's to scrap - but I have not had time to preplan the layouts... so I have my dd's Dance Team competition to scrap (2pg LO) and then way too many Christmas photo's that I need to cut down to a doable 4 pages... (2 for Christmas Eve, and 2 for Christmas Day!). That is gonna be a challenge?! I have my papers set aside, but that is all. So - I really should be focusing on that right now, instead of this blog! I hate it when you go to a crop and have forgotten something crucial to the spread!?

I have been able to stay on track with my dates with Millie... she was feeling a bit bossy yesterday as I had made plans early and wanted to be done with her and all cooled off before my company arrived! I kept threatening her that I was going to leave her to finish that third mile on her own... but we managed to squeeze it all in and I still had plenty of time to cool down! I know that if I can just keep this Food Journal going - I will find freedom... I can see that already I could talk myself out of keeping up with it! LOL! Who wants to write down 1/2 of a miniature Crunch Caramel candy bar? I mean... does it really count?! I did good... and it was only HALF!? Still... I know I can not start skipping... because then I will start (or continue?!) sneaking!? LOL!? As if I won't know!? I know - it is crazy!? Still... so far, I feel like I am doing great - all things considered!

And by 'all things' - this includes my husband who has no trouble with metabolism and decides nearly EVERY NIGHT that around 9:30 or 10... he wants popcorn, or chips, or ice cream... yeah?! Nice... like I am going to have any of that and have to write it down?! I have only given in to after 8pm snacks one time since the 1st of the year... I realize this is only January 17th... but I am talking EVERY stinkin' NIGHT!? Yeah... I love him... but sometimes he makes me think bad words! tee hee!?

I have been trying to think of ways to cut back on the cost of the Kit of the Month that I designed... the kit is always $5.00 and I honestly thought I was right in there... but it turned out to be closer to $6.00 So... I need wisdom and creativity in figuring out how to cut the cost without cutting too much actual supplies?!

My precious daughter is leaving tomorrow morning for her first ever camp. She has NEVER gone!? Never showed any interest - whether regular camp or church camp... but this year she wanted it bad enough to raise 1/2 the cost herself! They are traveling to Sun River for 4 days... I am praying that she has a blast... safe travel and a strengthening of friendships, as well as a powerful encounter with God of course! I can't wait to hear all about it! I am blessed in that she still does tell me everything... I may have to wait a couple of days for the WHOLE story to come out... but if I am patient, she fills in with all the details soon enough!

So - I think that over the long (kid-free) weekend, I am going out with a couple of girlfriends for a Girls Night Out... and I am hoping to get some more Scrapping done as well as listing a few more things on Etsy! Darcie - I am praying for you and have you on the Chain... keep us posted! I am off to preplan my pages... you know I will pack all the stuff for all 6 pages and not have near enough time to finish them all!? I seem to go WAY slower on layouts when they are my own... I don't know if I lose the mojo after a clients' job, or if I simply can afford to slow down and really think things through... still - I try not to get too bogged down on one layout... I know people who spend days and days thinking about a layout...?! Wow?! I just don't have that kind of time?!!!

Scrap Happy!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Baby Steps to Stay On Course...

Yes... it is true... Just Like "Bob" I am taking Baby Steps and trying to overcome my own obstacles to a better me! I also started carrying a fish around my neck... it is sort of like constant companionship and like lifting weights at the same time... except that the jar leaks all over me every time I bend over to pick something up! OK - not really on that last part... there's no fish! That is just Bob all on his own!?? but I am taking Baby Steps to achieve my goals!

This has been a good week! We are still waiting for my Honey to pass the Kidney stone... he has only had one before this - and it was horrendous and it passed I think in just a few days... but it is hard to say because as much or more than the kidney stone - he suffered from the violent allergic reaction to the vicodin... oh yeah - broken blood vessels and all! Nice!? So - this time while it seems as though it is taking longer... this is better... if you can really say 'better' when it comes to passing a kidney stone?! I am thinking that you can't - but you know what I mean! Monday, Wednesday , and Friday (today) - after dropping my wonderful daughter off at school - I came home, and plugged in my MP3 player and went on a nice long walk with Millie! We walked a good 3 miles each day... I had plans of taking shorter less strenuous walks with her Tuesday and Thursday - but my habit got in the way...

Yep - I have developed a "habit" if you will... you see, Tuesdays are now known as Creative Cafe Tuesdays and often require... (yes, I said require!?) me to spend some time at Bella's Scrapbooking. Each week there is a different fun little project to work on. The price varies but is always reasonable and I have really loved each one I have done... check out the blog here: (Just so you know... I was already working on my Frap altering when they posted theirs... but that is just another reason why I love to spend time there... it's like a mind meld! LOL!) Anyway - after my prayer meeting on Tuesday I had planned on stopping in (real quick like) to make my little notepad and then head on home to get to work on those Valentine's for my Etsy store... however, I was distracted and lured in to spend hours there pawning over the new Kiss & Tell line... and other yummy Valentine products! Oh my!? How I miss those days of classroom parties, homemade Valentines, and cupcakes... oh wait... two out of three ain't... Oh no, wait... it's just ONE out of three... that is not so good?! Anyway - I ended up spending the whole afternoon there, making that fetching Creative Cafe Notepad, yes - but also pulling some fun stuff to put a mini-tin together! Then - on Thursday - I spent the whole day crafting cards and that sweet little mini! The Mini I think is going to be a Kit of the Month at the store for February - so I am holding off on posting photo's of it here... at least for a bit... so fun! Let me tell you - it's great! It's a gift for my daughter and she will love it!

I have also been keeping a Food Journal... it's amazing how simply writing down what you eat can alter that late night snacking?! So far... I have managed to actually eat breakfast each day (which is HUGE for me) and not had any after dinner snacks... the one day that I messed up and made a few poor choices, I had been out all day and didn't have lunch until I was starving... (yes - it was Creative Cafe Tuesday... what's your point?!) I learned my lesson though... I could clearly see that I need to plan my meals and time it better so I am not tempted to skip it all together - because that is when I blow it!?! Good to know, people! Good to know!

So - without further ado... here are a few samples of the non-traditional contemporary Love Note cards that I have been working on this week:

Oh yeah... and I had fun with these little Origami Valentine's Boxes, too...

So fun!

Next week I have my Scrapbook group and I will actually have photo's to scrap! Yay! And next Friday through Monday my daughter will be going to her first ever church camp! She never had any interest in going before - but now that she is in youth group - well - she had to come up with 1/2 of the money - which is still quite a bit... and she managed to do it so I know she is really wanting to go! I just recently clued in to the fact that that means we will have 4 days all on our own! Now, if only Dave can pass that stone and we can do something fun while she is gone!?

Go Seahawks!
Scrap Happy!

Monday, January 07, 2008

A New Year... A New Me!

I know, I know! It is so typical and expected... but for real (this time!):

A New Year - A New Me! I mean it... I am determined to set goals and FOLLOW THROUGH... I will set steps to achieve so that I am not overwhelmed by the enormity of what I am setting out to do!

This week has been crazy - a good start to a New Year! My dd went back to school on Thursday and I have my sister and Mom and a friend over - we had a super yummy Mediterranean Pizza and a chick flick and thoroughly enjoyed our free day! On Friday I had lunch with a girlfriend and enjoyed a quiet afternoon... Saturday was spent picking up a new 'friend' (you'll read about her below) and then watching the Seahawks game of course... by Saturday afternoon, we realized that my hubby did not in fact pull a muscle earlier in the day, but was having symptoms of a kidney stone. He had one about 4 years ago and while this is on the other side - he is certain it is the same thing! Praise God it is MUCH less painful... nothing excruciating this time... he is at work today - sore and still waiting to pass it... but able to function (and by 'function' I mean... sorry Darcie... it's sort of like that whole "That's what she said" deal... it just seems to work way more often than you would think!? LOL!) Anyway - he is drinking (under protest) Olive Oil with a Concentrated Lemon Juice chaser followed by LOTs of water! This is supposed to really help shrink/dissolve kidney and gall bladder stones and help them to pass faster! I am praying it will be all over by tonight and he will heal from the tenderness quickly! Sunday was a full day of church and family and friends and more church somehow?! Today was my first day feeling like things are back on track and headed for a regular routine again! Kaye is back at school... Dave is at work... I am home on the computer, doing laundry and dishes, and planning the weeks' meals, etc! All my normal Monday stuff! aaaah... I love a good routine! I thrive on it... and find comfort in the steadiness of a well planned routine! Of course - I am also learning to be open and let God interrupt my plans if He has something else in mind! Big of me, I know! LOL!

So - with that said... I am now going to 'put out there' a few of my goals for this new year!

I am getting back on track with an exercise routine... believe it or not - even with the last three years of adding regular (2-3X's a week) exercise - I have 'maintained' the same pant size for the last 12 years. 12 years?! Nice... it hasn't mattered if I worked out - or not... things may have shifted a bit here or there - but basically - I have been wearing the same size clothing since my dd was born! Yeah... over 12 years ago?! Crazy?! A lot of what blocked my losing weight in all honesty was deep and spiritual. Over the past 3 years, as I mentioned, I have been consistent at walking or lifting weights or doing aerobic workouts 2 or 3 times a week... and it really had become a habit... I missed it if I let myself get too busy... however, even after 3 years... this winter came and I had stopped going to the gym way back in the Spring - and was walking at a local park 3-5 times a week instead... but - aahh - Old Man Winter! He knocked me off my game and I was actually making it less and less in October and November...but by last December - I was done. I tried to do a DVD or something a couple of times... but it just didn't stick! I love walking... and I know that I need to change some OTHER habits as well... but in just one month 'off' - I noticed how stiff I was and how quickly I felt things shifting and saw how easy it would be to go back to my non-active lifestyle!? Scary!?!! So - my new resolve is to get back to a workout routine - and take control over my own body... my own eating habits and push through to SEE results!!!? Enough already! Enough of being held down and held back... this is my year of overcoming these issues that have kept the weight on! To be honest, it has sort of been my comfort zone... my protection... but in the end - it has done nothing for me! I am ready!

So - this past week... I did my research and hunted and found a new friend! This is my new buddy... Her name is Millie!

Isn't she pretty!? I love her!!! She will help me reach my goals! I had so much fun putting together a new Exercise Playlist on my MP3 player and rockin' out for about an hour this morning!!! Oh yeah... I feel the burn, Baby!

I also changed my hair... I have gone to the Dark Side... (well - dark for me!?) Apparently, the older I get, the darker my hair is... I no longer have the OPTION of coloring my hair as I have plenty of stubborn whiteness that wants to be the center of attention - but I got tired of coloring my hair so often!? My hope is that now that I have gone darker - I can go a bit longer in between colors?! We'll see!? I have never been this dark... which - I know - is not necessarily DARK... but for me... it is a big change!

My goal this year is to increase my Etsy store, continue to gain new clients, and really as much as it sounds like a bad business goal - I want to protect my time to scrapbook for the love of the art and for my family. I have not had too many seasons where I have been so busy that I have lost sight of this - but I know that it can happen - and while I want to be successful in this industry - my goal is not to get noticed or published or famous... my goal is to create art for myself, my family & friends, and my clients that will stir up a sense of connectedness and memory... I resolve to not forget that this business I run is not all about me!

I have also set a goal to get two books ready to be shopped around. I have at least one written but not in any particular format and I need to do a lot of editing. I have one thought out but feel I am to do the illustrations as well - and that is stretching me! For the last two years, I have set aside at least one day a week to write... so I have plenty of material to work with - I just need to focus... make an outline and begin editing! The hard part for me is that I love to write - and the thought of editing and formatting is not nearly as attractive as putting new words on paper for me! However, if I do not begin now to try to find order in it all - it will never get any easier - and it will never get done! So ...once a week I will work on cleaning up what I have already and organizing it. I will need to work one day a week to learn more about the book/publishing business as well...

My Goals for this year spiritually is to simply seek after Him in more honesty and allow Him to flow through me in more power... I want to fulfill all the plans that He has set out for me this year... and that will mean LISTENING more intently and following through - knowing that it is Christ in me that helps me to accomplish whatever is asked of me! Oh yeah... and I think it would be so cool to lay hands on the sick, and see the Lord resurrect someone this year! That's a good goal!

I got this little e-mail last night and I think it sums up this post quite nicely:
"Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny."

This year I resolve to live ON PURPOSE each day...
Live your Destiny!
Scrap On!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

I pray you all had a very Happy New Years Eve...
in whatever you chose to do!

What did WE choose to do?!
Well - we had a wee bit of serious pre/teen girl drama,
and THEN we took our precious daughter
to a sleep over with a couple of church friends
(instead of her other invite...
which is what brought on all the drama
- not so much from her as from her friend!)
Aaah the joys of being a Mom...
to my own and to her friends, when necessary!?

Anyway - then Dave & I went to hear
one of our favorite bands Locust Street Taxi
at the New Years Eve Street Party downtown
at the Capitol Theater (where I will sit in Row FOUR
to see Brian Regan in a little over a month!*)
They were great... albeit COLD...
& only played for about an hour.
After that we wandered around a bit
& then headed to the Golden Moon for dinner!
(Yep - Darc' - we got the classic Combo Special!)
We hit the store on the way home for a few 'groceries'
and then just relaxed in a nice quiet warm house!
It was so great... we stayed up and watched TV off and on
and finally went to bed around 1:30 or so...
(and got to sleep in today!)

We have to go get Kaye at 11ish & then starts the frantic rush
of trying to get her back on some sort of school schedule
in one short day and TWO long nights?!
She goes back to school on Thursday and has been staying up
super late and sleeping in super late all vacation long?!
I am hoping that the girls did NOT crash early
but actually stayed up all night long and that should help
with attempting to get her to go to bed 'early' tonight
and waking her up early tomorrow
to practice getting ready for school...
(yeah - I am mean like that!?!!)
Maybe I will offer to take her out to breakfast...
that should work! She loves a good trip to the IHOP!?

Anyway - I took a few shots last night...
but it was cold and I soon decided
to keep my hands in my pockets...
At 19 degree's - my fingers were worth more
than a few artsy shots of the street party!
(I assure you!)
Here are the few that I DID take:

Keep in mind, these were taken at about 7ish...
so the party had not really started yet!?
Sadly - we looked oober cute all bundled up and all
- and I didn't get any shots of Dave and/or myself...
and we were back home by the time the fireworks went off
- so no photo's of that either!?
Oh well - to spend the night on our own
was romantic and reminded us of the old days
before we were old and parental and all!? tee hee!

So - to start the New Year off right...
I thought I would leave you
with a few predictions for '08!
And Scrap Happy People!


1. The Bible will still have all the answers.
2. Prayer will still work.
3. The Holy Spirit will still move.
4. God will still inhabit the praises of His people.
5. There will still be God-anointed preaching.
6. There will still be singing of praise to God.
7. God will still pour out blessings upon His people.
8. There will still be room at the Cross.
9. Jesus will still love you.
10. Jesus will still save the lost.

God whispers in your soul and speaks to your mind.
Sometimes when you don't have time to listen,
He has to throw a brick at you.

It's your choice: Listen to the whisper, or wait for the brick.

Me/ I am hoping to listen to the whisper this year more and more!
(* = Check out the Brian Regan clips on my side bar/music...
there is some NEW material to enjoy!)