Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ugly Christmas Sweaters (& my love for Pinterest lives on!)

So - at the last minute(ish)... we decided to throw an Ugly Christmas Sweater Game Night party on Friday night... and apparently we were not the first or only to think of this super fun idea because we went on the search for some classic Ugly Christmas sweaters at the secondhand stores around town with NOT ONE to be found? Not ONE?  Not even one just sort of ugly Christmas sweater?

We mentioned it to my mother, and she admitted that she more than likely had a few to choose from hanging in her closet! What a good sport - and to be honest... these were not SO bad... but we were desperate... and they ARE Christmas sweaters... so with just a little added "Flair" (thank you jcp and your brilliant holiday button campaign!) and some retro Christmas jewelry - we were decked out!

Some guests were able to play along...

Some were coming from other office parties so they did not 'dress up'...

We played several different games with lots of visiting, laughing, and catching up in between!

What's a Game night without games and well... Snacks... hmmm - well, you KNOW I have pinned SEVERAL Christmasy snacky recipes to try and so I decided to add to my "Pinterested - Things I have ACTUALLY made!" Board by making 4 snacky items that are mostly finger food friendly - perfect for munching while playing games!

I made Buffalo Chicken Dip - OH MY... so yummy and easy and delicious!  We had veggies (YES - I am 'that' girl?) and crackers to dip in it and it was a big hit! So big in fact that I have no pictures? Oops?! I noticed that the link to the recipe also has no photo's? Hmm... seems like a common problem?

I also made (again!) the Pretzel Hugs - so easy and incredible - salty sweet crunchy yumminess!

Next up, I made the little Elf Hats (Bugles stuffed with PB and dipped in Chocolate!)  This one was not so easy and really I needed an extra pair of hands to help me pipe the peanut butter mixture into the teeny tiny Bugles - about halfway through we began to question if it was worth it.  however, after putting them in the freezer to let the chocolate set and then grabbing one or five to taste test... well - we will most likely be making them again! They are so good! Not to mention SUPER CUTE!

Lastly - (and my favorite of the night!) I finally made the Cran-Pistachio cookies! SO soo easy... super moist and a HUGE hit! Even my daughter - who doesn't like pistachios OR cranberries - LOVED these cookies!

The night was a success... we had a small turn out I think mostly due to the holiday party schedules of the season - but we had a blast and that just meant more snacks for us to share!

What fun thing have you pinned AND MADE from Pinterest this season?
I'd love to hear!


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