Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflecting on 2012... Highlighting Favorite Posts

Happy New Year's Eve!

Can you even believe it?

2013 is FAST approaching and I have spent a good portion of today reading through some fellow bloggers posts, highlighting some of their favorite entries and I thought I would play along!

I did not blog every week in 2012... nor every month... (but the month of October and all it's #31Days made up for it!)... still... here is a list of highlighted posts that give you a great glimpse of our 2012!

January brought a post on Recycling/Repurposing my beloved Coffee themed calendar, and revealed my One Little Word!

February of course stirred up my creativity and left me feelin a little Valentiney!

March brought me back to my One Little Word (Releasing)...

Then... apparently - life got REALLY busy (in actuality - life got really hard and it was all I could do to keep my heart and head above drowning waters... crafting was sporadic at best!)

In July I realized I had abandoned the blog, and came back to post on my One Little Action.

In September I shared some DigiLayouts I had (finally!) been working on!

As I mentioned, I blogged on EVERY one of the 31 Days in October... I loved all of the posts, which you can read through HERE, or you can read my two favorites: Day 17 & Day 31.

In November, we hosted a WAR Int'l jewelry party and of course, we were Thankful and Counting On!

December has come and nearly gone and a few highlights here were answering the call to SLOW DOWN, our fun Ugly Christmas Sweater Game Night, and the Snowy Cold Family Portrait session!

So - that brings us to here... New Year's Eve!
Here's to a Happy New Year and a blessed 2013 ahead!

Hoping to get my Scrap on soon and get all caught up once again... but my One Word for 2013 is a bit unnerving to my planners heart! Still - once again... it chose me, I didn't choose it! My One Word for 2013? "Surprise!"

What about you?

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